Training & Professional Development Courses

Continuous learning is necessary for leaders and change-makers to ensure that expertise, strategy, and relational skills remain relevant, ahead of the trends, anticipate challenges on the horizon, and address historical concerns within organizations and communities. Our proprietary courses and certificate programs offer unique enrichment on your journey that cannot be found in the combinations we offer anywhere else.

Scholarships Available

We offer scholarships for ToP and HUE Course. To apply, complete the TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM. Scholarships are available to those who are unable to afford the lowest tiered price of the requested course, including:

  • An undergraduate or high school students

  • Veterans seeking development opportunities

  • People in transition, currently unemployed

  • Staff and volunteers of very small non-profits (annual budget of $500,000 or less)

  • Civic groups and neighborhood groups

HUE™ Courses

HUE Conversation

In one day, learn how to apply an inclusive framework for engagement, collaboration, and discovery, resulting in a shared appreciation and understanding that drives teams to better-informed decisions and actions. HUE Conversations teaches participants a way to engage all thinking styles. Challenge your own thought process and develop a greater awareness of how others think. Learn how to implement our DEVCA framework for inclusive conversations that encourage participation from every group member and naturally move the collective from inquiry to informed action.

Prevention Leaders Cohort

This HUE Journey is an intensive skill-building experience. The program will significantly improve facilitative leadership capabilities in coalition work, develop facilitation methods, and provide a fun learning environment.

Framework for Active Community Engagement

Participate in our unique training model that seamlessly aligns HueLife facilitation methods, Strategic Prevention Framework, and best practices in community-based coalition leadership. Learn to cultivate rich and meaningful engagement with your coalition with facilitation methods that lead participants to step naturally into the process and actively contribute to the conversations and decision-making process. All voices are honored to develop practical, effective plans in this space.

Transformational Leadership | 3-Day Workshop

Develop confidence, establish clarity and purpose, and learn to set practical and effective strategies focused on self-reflection, group engagement, and strategic thinking over three days. Transformational leaders know how to create high-performing teams inspired by meaningful work, shared purpose, collective change, and satisfaction in being part of the group.

Self Discovery Tools

Insights Discovery®

Combining Insights Discovery and the HueLife Reflection process to increase self-awareness, we help people and teams perform at their highest level. We transform relationships at work by improving communication, increasing creativity, decreasing conflict, and leaving more time to get the job done.

Lumina Learning®

The HueLife reflection process can be combined with Lumina Learning to move the process deeper into personal and team awareness, shifting performance to an even higher level. Relationships and the work environment will improve through better communication, creativity, less conflict, and more time to do your job.

ToP® Courses

ToP Facilitation Methods 2-Day Workshop

A two-day training ideal for individuals who want to make meetings productive, conversations inclusive, contexts relevant, and project plans achievable through group-directed action. Establish basic understanding and critical skills to facilitate foundational methods to solve complex organizational and community challenges. ToP® Facilitation Methods (TFM) is the foundational methodology course to develop skills in leading highly effective conversations, group decision-making processes, and planning for successful project implementation.

Accelerated Action Panning Half-Day Workshop

A six-hour training is ideal for individuals leading groups to quickly make sense of large quantities of data and complex contexts for informed accelerated planning. Energize and align your team to achieve shared goals by effectively planning a project, change initiative, or community event in a matter of hours. Accelerated action planning helps individuals and groups organize their dreams, resources, and commitments by establishing collective meaning promptly, ensuring everyone in the room is part of the plan.

ToP Strategic Planning 2-Day Workshop

A two-day training ideal for individuals who lead meetings and events, coordinate projects, design and implement organizational plans, and work frequently on collaborative projects. Strategic planning creates an opportunity for organizations and communities to design an implementation framework around their vision for the future. Within the process, the individual and the group contribute to meaning and purpose with contextual relevance. With heightened conflict, adversity, and uncertainty globally, leaders work more intelligently than ever to facilitate cultural shifts that require action and change within ourselves and our internal systemic structures for success.

Mastering ToP

Mastering ToP® is a year-long training program ideal for individuals who want to develop core competencies as a facilitator and transformational leader through quarterly intensives, fieldwork, and mentoring. Deepen your knowledge and have fun while learning new tools, processes, and applications for engagement and facilitation methods. Your cohort of peers will become a network of support for years to come! The program, popularly known as MToP, includes experiential learning to transform your facilitation practice.

Secrets of Implementation 2-Day Workshop

This two-day training is ideal for project managers and leaders committed to continually improving team culture to inspire focus and contribution to group growth. Explore techniques to overcome common challenges leaders face to keep plans on track once successfully developed. Once the daily objectives need to be implemented, empowerment and inspiration must be facilitated to encourage positive progress toward project completion. Reflect on shared experiences and gain additional skill sets to keep plans and projects relevant and achievable.

Approaches to Environmental Scanning

This one-day training is ideal for leaders who want to establish contextual awareness, understand historical trends, and build a shared vision with a group. Understanding historical and industry context when planning programs or projects is imperative to completion, success, and sustainability. Groups get confused and stuck when unreliable data is presented and ineffective or biased approaches are used to facilitate change. When the terrain for change is misaligned with the needs of a community or organization, success is not an option.