ToP Courses

1 | ToP Facilitation Methods 2-Day Workshop

Participants will Learn to Facilitate:

  1. The Focused Conversation Method
  2. The Consensus Workshop Method
  3. The Action Planning Process

2 | ToP Strategic Planning 2-Day Workshop

 ToP® Facilitation Methods is a prerequisite for Strategic Planning training)

Participants will Learn to:

  1. Design for Inclusive & Equitable Participation
  2. Ensure Group Commitment & Resolve
  3. Create a Realistic & Achievable Plan
  4. Inspire Accountability in the Group
  5. Plan with Implementation in Mind

3 | Mastering ToP

(ToP Facilitation Methods is a prerequisite)
Participants will Learn to Facilitate:
  1. Four Learning Intensives
  2. Hands-On Field Experience
  3. Group Mentoring

4 | Accelerated Action Planning Half-Day Workshop

This course is a six-hour version of the traditional ToP® Action Planning course taught in the two day ToP® Facilitation Methods training.

5 | ToP Secrets Of Implementation 2-Day Workshop

This two-day training is ideal for project managers and leaders committed to continual improvement of team culture to inspire focus and contribution to group growth.

6 | Approaches to Environmental Scanning

This one-day training is ideal for leaders who want to establish contextual awareness, understand historical trends and build a common vision with a group.

ToP® courses may qualify for continuing education credits, professional development reimbursement, and tax deductions.

You can earn continuing education credits for programs such as AICP, APA, BOSA, PMI, NHCEC, and CECA. CEUs are also offered for all HueLife courses taken through Normandale College.

Continuing Ed Credits

14.5 AICP (APA)

BOSA CEUs applicable for ToP Facilitation Methods and ToP Strategic Planning courses. 


We partner with local organizations to offer courses across the United States. Looking to bring ToP Methods® (Technology of Participation) to your location? Contact us today for more details.