Engage in Inclusive Growth

If you want to engage the wisdom and expertise of your team or community to inform planning and decision making for the future, HueLife facilitates methods and processes that allow you and your group to take the lead and control the outcomes.

Facilitated Engagement Services

Strategic Planning Services

If you’re unsure of your destination, how do you know the route to take to get there? HueLife offers Strategic Planning for any organization or community that desires a clear path to a future of successful change where members and stakeholders are invested thrive.

Team Building & Leadership Retreats

HueLife’s specialty is designing experiences for learning and development. The evolution of successful team building requires a continual focus on shared core values, skills to accomplish tasks together, as well as discussion and dissent to understand disagreement and opportunities to grow together into the future.

Engagement & Culture Change

Efforts that require change in process, practice and behavior require the most intentional planning and mindful leadership to overcome pitfalls of traditional operations and with attitudes of perseverance and critical discernment.

Virtual Engagement Services

Take your facilitation to the next level! HUE Virtual Engagement Services combine various facilitation methods and bring them all together online so you can accomplish your goals. Developed by the HUE Team, these courses and services deep dive into best practices and have been informed by our collective 25+ years of experience.



You’ve seen the magic of the sticky wall in action and need it in your facilitator toolkit.

What is a Sticky Wall?
Sticky walls are made of durable and lightweight Rip-Stop nylon. When sprayed with repositionable adhesive, they allow for paper movement without damage.

Why use a Sticky Wall?

  • Meetings are productive. Instead of talking about doing work, the sticky wall gives us an easy way to do work in the meeting and ends with a tangible result.
  • Meetings are transparent. Everyone sees the work being done and knows where we ended up. The exact results of the meeting can be distributed afterward.
  • Meetings are collaborative. Because the work is upfront, everyone can participate. Unlike using a projected computer where only one person can type, everyone can write and stick paper on the wall.


Insights® Discovery

Facilitate personal and professional breakthroughs as an individual and as a team using tools for self-understanding and perception of team dynamics. Combine Insights Discovery and the HueLife reflection process to increase self-awareness, we help people and teams perform at their highest level. We transform relationships at work by improving communication, increasing creativity, decreasing conflict, and leaving more time to get the job done.

Lumina Learning®

Lumina Learning believes that meaningful personal growth helps people become more adaptable and build strong personal and workplace relationships. Paired with HueLife’s approach to understanding and engagement, transformation exponentially increases for individuals committed to organizational growth through self development.
Lumina Learning believes that meaningful personal growth helps people become more adaptable and build strong personal and workplace relationships. Avoiding typing, labels or boxes, their next-generation tools help you hire the right people, accelerate their personal growth and transform your organization. HueLife has licensed practitioners in two Lumina Learning tools – Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader!

HueLife Facilitation Clients

What Our Clients Say

Sterling Municipal Library is going through a period of growth and transition. Like libraries across the country, our library recognizes that traditional service models are losing relevance to our communities. Libraries have never been solely about books and reading, but as community needs change, libraries and librarians find themselves well positioned to take on new roles. In preparation for creating a strategic vision that will help define those roles, library staff decided to participate in a series of environmental scanning activities. Fortunate to have several HueLife trained individuals in our organization, we enlisted their help. First, we chose “The Wave” to help us identify how library services have been trending over the past decade. The exercise really illuminated the practices that we are ready to let go and got the group excited about areas we feel most worthy of our time and resources.
Jamie Eustace
Director Sterling Municipal Library
City Of Baytown, TX