At HueLife, we are on a mission to facilitate, educate and inspire engagement in meaningful action for the greater good of communities and organizations. 


    Humility  Be a servant leader. Always be learning.

    Courage  Be open. Take smart risks.  Be a change agent.

    Trust  Trust the process. Assume good intent. Be trustworthy.

    Integrity  Take responsibility. Keep principles and values present.

    Relationships  Build strong ties. Develop and maintain caring support systems.




Irina Fursman, Ed.D., a.b.d., Co-Founder and CEO

A premier facilitator and OD practitioner, Irina guides teams through strategic planning, change and engagement initiatives. Irina also teaches the art and science of facilitation. Born in the USSR, Irina spent the first half of her life in Russia, Crimea and Ukraine. She moved to the US in 2002 and co-founded the Institute of Cultural Affairs Ukraine (named an “enemy of the state” for her efforts). Irina delivers lively, inspiring experiences for communities and organizations. Talk to Irina about facilitating, training or presenting.

Stephanie Ahles, Chief Learning and Development Officer

With great heart and wisdom, Stephanie leads the development and delivery of HueLife training and curriculum. She is dedicated to deep comprehension of the methods and the highest quality standards. A certified ToP trainer and facilitator, Stephanie provides exceptional change and strategic planning programs for governments, non-profits and leadership teams. She has an MA in Public Administration and a BA in Psychology and Social Work. Talk to Stephanie about facilitating, training or presenting.

Richard Fursman, Ed.D., Co-Founder and Consultant

Witty and insightful, Richard specializes in the dynamics of human behavior and systemwide change. He helps teams lift performance by creating a shared purpose, strategic plan and implementation path. An advisor for government entities in the US and Ukraine, Richard co-created and facilitated the Kiev Peace Summit at the height of the Ukraine-Russian conflict in 2014. Frequently called an “Edu-tainer,” he was recognized by the Navy for boosting morale. Talk to Richard about facilitating, training or presenting.

Megan Jacobson, Client Relations & Recruitment

A star with HueLife customers, Megan provides client relations, event coordination and business support for HueLife. A licensed practitioner in Insights Discovery, Megan is excited to develop her skills in ToP Facilitation Methods.

Jim Brimeyer, Strategic Advisor and Executive Coach

Certified Executive Coach and Recruiter Jim Brimeyer has more than 20 years of experience in city government and private business. He provides deep insight, long-term perspective and a vast network to public sector entities looking to hire, retain and improve performance. Jim has an MA in Public Administration.

Dick Schrad, Executive Recruiter

Dick assists cities in recruiting and retaining chief administrative officers. He has worked in local government, as well as in the private sector providing government services. A member of the International City/County Management Association, Dick has a MBA and a BA in Political Science.



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