Human understanding and engagement (Hue) is at the core of our mission, vision and values. We take ideas, aspirations and goals, and turn them into exciting realities that our clients are proud of.  We work with public, private and government sectors because our services are inclusive to all people and communities. Our clients and course participants leave with new tools and open minds that leads to increased efficiency in communicating, planning, implementing, reducing conflict, and problem-solving. Our success comes from developing people into leaders that can impact their organizations and communities positively, through their experience with HueLife.

Organizations We Serve:


Services We Offer:

 organization development
 strategic planning
 facilitation training
 management consulting
 executive search
 community engagement
leadership/team development

How You Benefit:

 improved communication
 efficient planning & implementation
 reduced team conflict
 better problem-solving
 streamlined executive hiring


To educate, facilitate and inspire engagement in meaningful action for the greater good of communities and organizations.


HueLife is a values and mission-driven organization. We take pride in serving our clients as best we can, as our clients are also our community. We take transparency and honesty seriously, never losing sight of our ethical responsibility to provide a human-centered approach. HueLife commits to every project, course, and participant – always giving it our all. We stay driven and motivated by ensuring success for our partners and clients. Our approach is simple: Do it right the first time and keep people engaged, excited and a part of the process. We are a company run by humans for humans. Watch our about us video below to learn more about HueLife.


    Humility  Be a servant leader. Always be learning.

    Courage  Be open. Take smart risks.  Be a change agent.

    Trust   Assume good intent. Be trustworthy. Trust the process.

    Integrity  Take responsibility. Keep principles and values present.

    Relationships  Build strong ties. Develop and maintain caring support systems.


Irina Fursman, Ed.D., a.b.d., Co-Founder and CEO

A premier facilitator and OD practitioner, Irina guides teams through strategic planning, change and engagement initiatives. Irina also teaches the art and science of facilitation. Born in the USSR, Irina spent the first half of her life in Russia, Crimea and Ukraine. She moved to the US in 2002 and co-founded the Institute of Cultural Affairs Ukraine (named an “enemy of the state” for her efforts). Irina delivers lively, inspiring experiences for communities and organizations. Irina is also a member of the International Association of Facilitators, view her membership here.        Talk to Irina about facilitation needs, training, consulting or presenting.

Stephanie Ahles, Chief Operating Officer

With great heart and wisdom, Stephanie leads the development and delivery of HueLife training and curriculum. She is dedicated to a deep comprehension of the methods and the highest quality standards. A certified ToP trainer and facilitator, Stephanie provides exceptional change and strategic planning programs for governments, non-profits and leadership teams. She has an MA in Public Administration and a BA in Psychology and Social Work. Talk to Stephanie about facilitating, training or presenting.

Richard Fursman, Ed.D., Co-Founder and Consultant

Witty and insightful, Richard specializes in the dynamics of human behavior and systemwide change. He helps teams lift performance by creating a shared purpose, strategic plan and implementation path. An advisor for government entities in the US and Ukraine, Richard co-created and facilitated the Kiev Peace Summit at the height of the Ukraine-Russian conflict in 2014. Frequently called an “Edu-tainer,” he was recognized by the Navy for boosting morale. Talk to Richard about facilitating, training or presenting.

Megan Jacobson, Client Relations & Recruitment

A star with HueLife customers, Megan provides client relations, event coordination and business support for HueLife. A licensed practitioner in Insights Discovery, Megan is excited to develop her skills in ToP Facilitation Methods. Talk to Megan for more information on Insights and executive search support.

Angie Asa-Lovstad, Trainer/Facilitator

 Angie has worked in substance abuse prevention for over 20 years. She is a Certified Prevention Specialist and Certified ToP Facilitator/Trainer. Her coalition work is based on SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework where she uses her facilitation skills to engage stakeholders. Talk to Angie about coalition work and facilitation services.

Karie Terhark, Trainer/Facilitator

Karie is a Certified ToP Faciliatator who previously worked as the Director for Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (A.S.A.P.). While at A.S.A.P., she facilitated a countywide coalition of volunteers to assess, plan, and implement environmental strategies to change the culture around underage drug and alcohol abuse. Through that process, the coalition has successfully passed ordinances and policies that have created sustainability in their efforts. Karie also worked for 10 years in the Human Resource field along with being a small business owner. Karie’s energy is contagious and she is driven to inspire people to make a change in their lives and communities. Talk to Karie about coalition work and facilitation services.

Jeremy Kautza, Trainer/Facilitator

Jeremy Kautza brings over 20 years of facilitation experience in a wide variety of settings to the HueLife team. Currently, he also works as an internal consultant for the University of Wisconsin where he brings in-depth expertise in strategic planning, conflict resolution, organizational change management, and participatory facilitation methods to the units he serves. Prior to his time at the UW, he served as the director of the Office of Interest-Based Problem-Solving at Madison Area Technical College where he led a team of facilitators who supported individuals, departments, and cross-functional teams in policy writing, conflict resolution, strategic planning, process improvement, and issue analysis. Jeremy has also worked as a consultant for several public entities and non-profit organizations helping them resolve conflicts and make decisions that bring people together and move the organization forward.  He is deeply committed to the principles of inclusion and profound respect and is a certified ToP Facilitator and Trainer. Jeremy has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and a Masters of Science degrees in curriculum and instruction and in educational leadership and policy analysis, all from UW–Madison.  For more information on training opportunities in the Wisconsin market, please connect with Jeremy here.  

Shawn Sorrell, Consultant

Shawn Sorrell is a certified ToP trainer and facilitator, an experienced consultant with public and private entities in design and implementation of organizational change strategies and leadership development, dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. Currently serving as the Diversity and Equal Justice Manager for Hennepin County Minnesota Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation. Formally studied chemical engineering at Drexel University, sociology and psychology at the University of Delaware and is a native of Baltimore, MD. Spent several years working with community groups and religious organizations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware cultivating violence prevention programs and mentoring youth from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Scott Kuffel, Consultant

Scott Kuffel joins the HueLife team after 34 years in education, 17 serving as superintendent of two different Illinois K-12 public schools.  Scott was twice named Superintendent of the Year in his region, and in 2018 was recognized as one of 21 Superintendents of Distinction from across Illinois.  He served 9 years on the state association of superintendents and was elected by his peers to serve as President of the Illinois Association of School Administrators in 2015.  Scott has been trained in ToP tools, and also brings nearly a decade of executive leadership coaching experience and coaching certification to HueLife.  Talk to Scott about how coaching, facilitation and a strategic process for improvement and initiatives can all be part of your toolkit.

Meg Knodl, Consultant

Meg Knodl is originally from Northwest Indiana but considers herself a Minnesotan after living in the state for the past 19 years. As a librarian and trainer, Knodl developed her top five Gallup® Strengths of Woo, Input, Strategy, Communication and Positivity. She loves to network and has never met a stranger. She enjoys mentoring facilitators and meeting conveners throughout Hennepin County. Knodl has honed her professional skills in her current role as a facilitator, artist and facilitation network coordinator. She uses Technology of Participation (ToP) ® methods, Art of Hosting, continuous improvement and design thinking methods to guide groups. Through the creation of large visual aids and visual notetaking, Knodl helps groups make meaning in meetings.