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About US

At HueLife we strive to inspire creativity, facilitate learning, and design innovative strategies to help our clients achieve their goals in the workplace. We are a collaborative team of leaders who use Human Understanding and Engagement as a core strategy for change, leadership development, and skill transfer. HueLife’s methods ignite participation in groups and establish space for transformation.

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HueLife facilitates experiential learning and design to embrace and uplift the potential of unique individuals committed to gathering and solving problems as a collective. Every adventure with our team is customized, from organizational facilitation to professional development. Our methodology unfolds in a standardized yet flexible format that follows natural human curiosity and decision-making processes.


Irina Fursman, Ed.D.
Co-Founder & CEO

A premier facilitator and organizational development practitioner, Irina guides teams through strategic planning, change and engagement initiatives. Irina also teaches the art and science of facilitation. Born in the USSR, Irina spent the first half of her life in Russia, Crimea and Ukraine. She moved to the US in 2002 and co-founded the Institute of Cultural Affairs Ukraine (named an “enemy of the state” for her efforts). Irina delivers lively, inspiring experiences for communities and organizations. Irina is also a member of the International Association of Facilitators, view her membership here. Talk to Irina about facilitation needs, training, consulting or presenting.

Richard Fursman, Ed.D.
Co-Founder & Consultant

Richard specializes in the dynamics of human behavior and systemwide change. He helps teams lift performance by guiding them toward their shared purpose, strategic planning, and self/team discovery. His 21 years of experience in County and City government in the roles of Economic Development, Fire & Rescue, and City Management offers a unique mix when combined with years of facilitation and training in psychometric applications. Richard has enjoyed bringing a sense of fun to his training and facilitation all the way back to his days in the Navy when he was recognized for boosting morale during deployments at sea. As part of his personal journey to help in making the world a more peaceful place, he acts as an advisor for government entities in the US and Ukraine. Richard co-created and facilitated with Irina, the Kiev Peace Summit at the height of the Ukraine-Russian conflict in 2014. He continues to partner with Irina and a community of volunteers to work with young leaders from Ukraine as they prepare to rebuild their nation. Talk to Richard about facilitating your team retreats and development, training, strategic planning, goal setting, and presenting on the topics of human behavior.

Megan Jacobson
Trainer / Facilitator
Insights Discovery Practitioner & Coordinator

Megan is a ToP Certified Facilitator and Mentor Trainer. She enjoys facilitating team building sessions with organizations and spending time in the training room helping individuals learn the art of facilitation. Megan is also the Insights Discovery Coordinator with HueLife and is a Licensed Practitioner of the tool, brining increased awareness and improved communication to teams. Megan enjoys spending her free time with her husband and 3 children and has a passion for music and the great outdoors.

Jill List
Trainer / Facilitator

Jill List has completed the ToP® Mastery Program, is a certified Lumina Practitioner, and is currently working toward her ToP® facilitation certification. As the unit lead for the Office of Interest-Based Problem Solving, and an internal consultant for Employee Learning and Organizational Development at Madison College, Jill led a team of facilitators who supported individual, departments, and cross-functional teams in policy writing, conflict resolution, strategic planning, process improvement, and issue analysis. Jill also has extensive experience developing and delivering a wide array of professional development courses and trainings in vocational programming, facilitation, and in using an interest-based approach.


The HueLife team structure expands its expertise by offering consultant-based services to ensure that any member of our team can approach the needs of your community or industry with rich experience.

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HueLife works with other service organizations, innovation companies, and non-profits to provide comprehensive facilitation services and training.


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HueLife co-creators and collaborators work with our team to create new products and programs.
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