Transformational Leadership Workshop

As new leaders emerge, they must respond to the needs of community members and employees demanding empowering workplace culture and belongingness in community.

Organizations and communities seek individuals with vision, charisma, inclusivity, and trust to guide equitable and sustainable change. Though it may seem obvious that transformational leadership is valuable and needed in our world today, most education and training programs are traditional, outdated, and do not explicitly teach leadership theory for individuals who aspire to lead. Instead, many leaders are taught industry-based skills to become content experts but are left to find their own path of theory and strategy to develop culture and engage teams and followers. By developing emotional intelligence, a critical skill of transformational leaders, you will learn to model authenticity, courage, and vulnerability.

Develop your confidence, establish clarity and purpose, and learn to set practical and effective strategy over three days focused on self-reflection, group engagement, and strategic thinking.

DAY 01

Strengthen self-awareness & your leadership style

Leaders will Learn to:

  • Design for inclusivity and equity as a leader.

  • Develop a unique, personal leadership style different from others.

  • Express and lead with authenticity while also protecting yourself.

  • Communicate effectively in a variety of contexts.

  • Facilitate productive conversations.

DAY 02

Consensus Building & Decision Making

Leaders will Learn to:

  • Facilitate the integration of diverse ideas.

  • Develop a shared vision and collective goals with teams.

  • Generate practical, actionable, and creative solutions to complex problems.

  • Guide individuals through a variety of thought processes.

  • Lead group decision making through collaboration and respect.

DAY 03

Change Process, Strategic Planning, Action Planning

Leaders with Learn to:

  • Prepare and design a strategic planning process.

  • Inspire and encourage team members’ participation.

  • Establish or co-create specific and achievable goals.

  • Capture and measure performance accurately and sensibly.

  • Create a culture of empowerment and accountability.

Course Schedule

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Registration: 8:00 – 8:30 a.m.

Course Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Cost: $1,850

Discounts are available for organizations sending 5 or more people. For group discounts, contact us at 651.204.0441 or


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