ToP Strategic Planning

ToP® Strategic Planning

Strategic planning creates an opportunity for organizations and communities to design an implementation framework around their vision for the future. Within the process, both the individual and the group contribute to meaning and purpose with contextual relevance. With heightened conflict, adversity, and uncertainty globally, leaders are working smarter than ever to facilitate cultural shifts that require action and change within ourselves and our internal systemic structures for success.

Participants will Learn to:


Design for Inclusive & Equitable Participation:

ToP® Strategic Planning engages participants in a hands-on planning model that honors every idea by engaging each person involved in the process, including decision-makers and stakeholders.


Ensure Group Commitment & Resolve:

Asses underlying contradictions or chart a course for a 3-10 year timeline with specific actions to achieve organizational goals. Create a platform for accountability to ensure success.


Create a Realistic & Achievable Plan:

Participants will learn to use strategic planning for group consensus, focusing on implementation that enacts organizational mission, vision, and values.


Inspire Accountability in the Group:

Strategic planning creates a high-performing organization and staff who are inspired by their work, excited to implement change, and see reward through participation.


Plan with Implementation in Mind:

ToP® Strategic Planning mitigates implementation obstacles with group buy-in to monitor progress and measure success through incremental improvements.

Course Schedule

Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Local Time)

Length: 2 days in-person

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We use a sliding scale to improve access for underserved communities. Per-person prices are:

  • Corporate and Large Non-Profit (budget more than $5 million) Level: $1250

  • Public Government Level: $1050

  • Individual Professional and Mid-Sized Non-Profit Level (budget $1-$5 million): $950

  • Student and Small Non-Profit Level (budget less than $1 million): $650

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