Prevention Leaders Cohort

The Prevention Leaders Cohort was created by leaders in the
prevention field for leaders in the prevention field.

This Hue Journey is an intensive skill-building experience. The program will significantly improve facilitative leadership capabilities in the context of coalition work, develop facilitation methods, and provide a fun learning environment. Participants will be part of a learning community and support system lasting long beyond the five cohort intensives.

Angie Asa-Lovstad and Karie Terhark, your guides on this Journey, have over 25-years of combined experience leading community coalitions in the drug and alcohol prevention scope. Together they have also led state-wide collaboration using tools that will be taught in the Prevention Leaders Cohort to ensure coalition members are included in every step of the process, organically creating buy-in and sustainability.

HUE Prevention Leaders Cohort is a 15-month commitment. We meet two times each month (or 6 times per quarter) via Zoom.


Prevention Leadership Means:

  • Create a shared vision with stakeholders and collectively develop long-term and short-term goals.
  • Empower your stakeholders to carry out the plan that keeps people engaged to follow through.
  • Establish an evaluation practice with accountability within the teams to be responsive to a changing environment.
  • Build confidence in leading groups of stakeholders and community members.
  • Develop self as a transformational leader and use data to create shared awareness around community issues.
  • Develop your team, empower coalition members, and leverage the personal passion of each member.

The HUE Prevention Leaders Cohort Instills:

  • Principles of human understanding and engagement.
  • Applied leadership theory by the instructors and the participants.
  • Effective utilization of facilitation tools, methods, and processes.
  • Personal appreciation for practice and feedback.
  • Awareness of and response to individual and group dynamics.
  • Strategy implementation for success in a specific context and group.
  • Racial equity lens while implementing the coalition prevention framework.
  • PLC V July 2023- September 2024

    2 – PLC Sessions per month

    Session 1 is 1 pm to 4 pm
    Session 2 is 9 am to noon pm

    All Courses (CST)

  • Intensive I: Assessment

    • July 6 & 13
    • August 3 & 10
    • September 7 & 14
  • Intensive II: Capacity

    • October 5 & 12
    • November 2 & 9
    • December 7 &14
  • Intensive III: Planning

    • January 11 & 18
    • February 1 & 8
    • March 7 &14
  • Intensive IV: Implementation

    • April 4 & 11
    • May 2 & 9
    • June 6 & 13
  • Intensive V: Evaluation

    • July 11 & 18
    • August 1 & 8
    • September 5 & 12
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Prevention Leaders Cohort

$5,000per participant
(payment options available)
Intensive 1:  Discovering Yourself (ASSESSMENT)
  • Be an effective leader
  • Discover self through assessment
  • Facilitate conversations with stakeholders and community
  • Communicate data effectively
Intensive 2: Developing Teams (CAPACITY)
  • Develop your WHY and align personal WHY to organization.
  • Facilitate virtual brainstorming to build shared themes.
  • Develop shared agreements with stakeholders.
Intensive 3: Leading from Within (PLANNING)
  • Solicit the voice to form the goals
  • Avoid mission drift
  • Establish WHAT needs to be done
Intensive 4: Motivating Action (IMPLEMENTATION)
  • Motivate teams to stay on course.
  • Align expectations with your plan.
  • Coordinate HOW it will be done.
Intensive 5: Sustaining Success (EVALUATION)
  • Facilitate learning and reflection.
  • Adjust your plans.
  • Tell your story.
Graphic for 5 pillars of coalition evaluation model

Client Testimonials

“The training that HueLife provided for Nebraska Prevention professionals was a huge success. Participants reported that they increased their confidence in engaging stakeholders in conversations about prevention, were better able to explain their data to stakeholders, and had plans to move their coalition work into actionable items. They also felt that the materials and tools (especially ORID) provided by HueLife were incredibly valuable. The HueLife team was extremely easy and flexible to work with in the planning process, especially given last minute shifts from in-person to virtual trainings. I definitely hope to continue working with HueLife in the future!”

Lindsey Hanlon

“I have enjoyed the interaction and engagement Webinars in this series more than all my trainings in the past 2 months.  I have gotten more out of these.  Thank you Angie, Karie and all or you for your help.”

Laverne Starks, FCC Behavioral Health
“These methods have taken us to the next level. We make better, faster and more inclusive decisions. Even our most experienced people find high value in these courses. These techniques have added meaningful innovation in an easy-to-follow approach.”

Genevieve Daniels, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Learning is a journey of exploration and growth. When that journey is designed with intention and purpose, it fosters a transformation unlocked new unrealized potential.  

Prevention Leaders Cohort Participant

Through working with HueLife, I’ve been on a journey; a journey of carefully crafted training and coaching that’s bringing about personal and professional transformations.  


Prevention Leaders Cohort Participant

As you continue on your journey of learning and growth, be intentional, be strategic, and view each individual training as a stop along your transformation.  

Dave Closson, Director MidAmerica PTTC

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