The Prevention Leaders Cohort was created by leaders in the prevention field for leaders in the prevention field. The Engagement Cohort for Prevention Leaders is an intensive skill-building experience offered by HueLife. It is designed specifically for leaders in the prevention workforce. The program will significantly improve facilitative leadership capabilities, deepen knowledge of various facilitation methods, and provide a fun learning environment. Part of the intention is to build a learning community and a support system that will last long beyond the course intensives.

 Angie Asa-Lovstad and Karie Terhark have over 25years of combined experience leading communitycoalitions in the drug and alcohol prevention scope.They have worked together to lead a state-widecollaboration using tools that included members inevery step of the process organically creating buy-in and sustainability.

The program is laid out over a five-quarter period. Each quarter is comprised of six virtual sessions, with two sessions per month.



• Create a shared vision with stakeholders and collectively develop long-term and short-term goals.

• Empower your stakeholders to carry out the plan that keeps people engaged to follow through.

• Establish an evaluation practice with accountability within the teams to be responsive to a changing environment.

• Build confidence in leading groups of stakeholders and community members.

• Develop self as a transformational leader and use data to create shared awareness around community issues.

• Develop your team, empower coalition members, and leverage the personal passion of each member.



• Theoretical concepts and presentations by both the instructors and the participants

• Demonstration of practical tools, methods, and processes

• Opportunities for practice and feedback

• Greater awareness of individual and group dynamics

• Ability to integrate methods within current organization systems

• Mastering authentic engagement principles


2020 – 2021 DATES

 Intensive 1

Oct 14, 9-12 PM

Oct 19, 9-12 PM

Nov 6, 9-12 PM

Nov 13, 9-12 PM

Dec 3, 1-4 PM

Dec 15, 1-4 PM

 Intensive 2

Jan 8, 9-12 PM

Jan 12, 1-4 PM

Feb 12, 9-12 PM

Feb 16, 1-4 PM

March 12, 9-12 PM

March 16, 1-4 PM

 Intensive 3

April 9, 9-12 PM

April 13, 1-4 PM

May 14, 9-12 PM

May 18, 1-4 PM

June 11, 9-12 PM

June 15, 1-4 PM


 Intensive 4

July 9, 9-12 PM

July 13, 1-4 PM

August 13, 9-12 PM

August 17, 1-4 PM

Sept 10, 9-12 PM

Sept 14, 1-4 PM

 Intensive 5

Oct 15, 9-12 PM

Oct 19, 1-4 PM

Nov 12, 9-12 PM

Nov 16, 1-4 PM

Dec 3, 9-12 PM

Dec 7, 1-4 PM


 $5,000 per participant


Angie Asa-Lovstad




Intensive 1:  Discovering Yourself  ASSESSMENT

• Be an effective leader

• Discover self through assessment

• Facilitate conversations with stakeholders and community

• Communicate data effectively

Intensive 2: Developing Teams

• Develop your WHY and align personal WHY to organization

• Facilitate virtual brainstorming to build shared themes

• Develop shared agreements with stakeholders

Intensive 3: Leading from within

• Solicit the voice to form the goals

• Avoid mission drift

• Establish WHAT needs to be done

Intensive 4: Motivating Action  IMPLEMENTATION

• Motivate teams to stay on course

• Align expectations with your plan

• Coordinate HOW it will be done

Intensive 5: Sustaining Success  EVALUATION

• Facilitate learning and reflection

• Adjust your plans

• Tell your story

Cohort Testimonial

Ronda Alexander

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