ToP Facilitation Methods is the foundation of all facilitation training. Attendees learn to, create a participatory environment, find group consensus, and put plans into action. This training is useful for those who want to make meetings more productive, conversations more dynamic – leaving with true understanding, plan programs/projects/events and initiatives with specific and achievable goals, and find new processes for group collaboration. These outcomes are achieved through the focused conversation method, the consensus workshop method, and the action planning method. This two-day course provides learning and hands-on experience with practicing the methods. Download the course flyer here.

The Focused Conversation Method guides groups through a meaningful exchange of ideas. Use this method to:

   • Stimulate candid feedback that’s useful for group success

   • Conduct purposeful discussions that lead to action or understanding

   • Surface new ideas and solutions to better analyze problems

   • Quickly and easily capture a group’s best thinking with participatory practices

This method can be used in small or large group reflection, meetings that need direction, and when new ideas want to turn into action.


The Consensus Workshop Method engages and energizes people toward common goals. Use this method to:

  •  Integrate diverse ideas as a collective

  • Develop a shared vision and process that is agreed upon

  • Generate practical and creative solutions from multiple lenses

  • Tap into rational and intuitive thought processes

This method can be used in groups that have conflict over specific outcomes, groups that need a push toward a similar direction, and in groups that need help finding common ground or accepting new ideas.


The Action Planning Method helps groups to plan, organize resources and build commitment. Use this method to:

   • Analyze the current reality and where success could be seen

   • Maximize group involvement and identify manageable accountability

   • Visualize inspiring, successful results with full participation

   • Create a practical plan with ownership, timelines and measures

This method could be used in small or large groups to initiate a plan, project, program or event. Action plans can be successful for initiatives 3 months – 2 years long

Course Testimonial

“A two-day training that arms you with a framework and tools to create inclusive, dynamic and productive conversations around any issue.”
– Bilal Alkatout

Course Testimonial

“The key to having the tools to bring out diverse voices, achieve representation, share ideas and bring a lot of change”

– Alyssa Wetzel-Moore

Course Testimonial

“It takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to new ideas and creative thinking.”
– Wanda Berry

Course Testimonial

“The training was incredibly informative without ever being dull. I feel like I have much more confidence in my abilities now.”
– Katie Bidinger

Course Testimonial

“Life informing training with talented, thoughtful, and clever trainers.”
– Alison Bong

Course Testimonial

“Very informative training. It really helped broaden my perspective on facilitation. I am much more confident, know what questions to ask and will be able to lead teams more effectively.”
– Jory Danielson

Course Testimonial

“I was nervous at first and overwhelmed going into this course but found new ways to make facilitating meetings fun and more organized. The process works.”
– Charitie Herbst

Course Testimonial

“Outstanding. This is one of the three most important, critical, training I have ever experienced. I trust you, and felt your trust in my capacity.”
– Nola Walker

Course Testimonial

“High value, practical, immediately usable.”
– Chris Jensen

Course Testimonial

“A transformational experience, to learn how to have better, more productive conversations that mean something and lead to results. There’s something you can use in your personal and professional life.”
– Valerie Damstra

Course Testimonial

“Living breathing applications, not dry curriculum”
– Paul Ternes



2019 DATES


 Dec 4-5: Bloomington, MN – FULL

2020 DATES

Jan 6-7: Madison, WI


Jan 23-24: Duluth, MN 


Jan 27-28: Bloomington, MN


Feb 5-6: Kansas City, MO


Feb 18-19: Bloomington, MN


Feb 18-19: Bemijdi, MN


Mar 4-5: Minnesota Council

of Non-profits


Mar 10-11: Madison, WI








All courses run from


8:30 am –5:00 pm


Registration begins at 8:00 am














   Corporate Level: $950

   Large Non-Profit Level – Budget more               than five million: $950

   Public and Government Level: $750

   Mid-Sized Non-Profit Level – Budget                 between 1-5 million: $650

   Self-Employed or Independent: $650

   Small Non-Profit Level – Budget less                 than one million: $400

   Student Level: $400

   Refresher – already taken the course:               $100

  Register 21 days before this class starts and      you will automatically get $50 off.

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