HUE Graphics

HUE™ Graphics​

Using graphics and visuals with facilitation and training adds a powerful and fun dynamic to your sessions! This highly interactive visual facilitation training course will take you from stick figures and basic shapes to colorful, engaging, and memorable graphics one step at a time…NO artistic skill is needed!

Participants will learn:

  • The science behind the use of visuals

  • Best practices and tips for preparing visuals

  • The value of incorporating visuals into their work

  • The basic elements of visual scribing and creating visuals

  • A variety of techniques to communicate person, place, context, and direction into presentations and documentation

Participants will walk away from this course with:
  • Confidence in creating facilitation materials

  • Confidence in their ability to utilize visuals in their work

  • Readymade facilitation visuals for their next event

  • A solid foundation to create outstanding facilitation visuals after the course

Course Schedule

Time: 9AM – 4PM (Local Time)

Length: 1 day in-person

To register, click on the desired course date listed below. 

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