HUE Conversations

HUE (Human Understanding and Engagement) Conversations offers space to understand different perspectives and better inform a group to create collective decisions. Participants will learn core facilitation principles and values to better facilitate impactful conversations.

This one-day workshop is an introduction to fundamentals of human decision-making process and group dynamics. Participants will learn a practical, structured, and easy-to-apply method (DEVCA) to facilitate conversations that lead to shared understanding and action. DEVCA is a foundational method for every human interaction or engagement process. DEVCA helps move the groups or individuals from surface to depth of understanding the topic, generating options and making choices.  Embracing the values of profound respect and inclusive participation, DEVCA allows leaders to effectively establish trust with the group and create environments where the goal is to reach a shared understanding, include diverse perspectives and learn from the experiences each person brings to the discussion.   


Foundational values of authentic engagement  

HUE™ Conversations Method (a.k.a. DEVCA 

Tips and techniques to deal with various human dynamics 

How to lead a meaningful conversation that accomplishes the desired outcomes  

How to ask thoughtful questions 


More easily gather diverse perspectives via inclusive communication and feedback/input sessions

 Increase morale as employees feel listened to and respected

 Engage and motivate staff and team members while raising individual and group accountability

 Save time and money as a result of increased productivity

Gain higher engagement, motivation, and greater results from teams 

Registration Information & Course Dates (all times in CT)


2022 Sessions – COMING SOON!


Cost: $550

I give HueLife my highest recommendation. The HUE Methods have been a game changer for my success at work and for me guiding teams to high performance. The tools are simple and practical to use; as well as easy to adapt for multiple situations. The approach guarantees people feel included and that their voice is heard. HueLife has created a methodology that takes into account personality styles, group dynamics, and gives me as the facilitator powerful tools to lead through the most challenging of conversations.
Genevieve M. Daniels

Enterprise People Services, American Family Insurance

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