As new leaders are emerging and workplace culture is changing, becoming a transformational leader is essential to success. Transformational leaders are able to inspire others, change culture and environment through authenticity, motivate groups, and have humility when leading others. Becoming a transformational leader is not possible without true awareness of self and the ability to understand others. This comes with transparency and consciousness of your leadership style. 

The Transformational Leadership Workshop will leave participants with confidence in implementing change within themselves and their organizations. Participants will learn three essential skills over the course of three days.


DAY 1: SELF > Strengthen self-awareness & your leadership style

Participants will be asked to complete an Insights® Discovery profile administered by HueLife before the beginning of the course. This profile will show the participant a detailed account of their leadership style: How they lead consciously and unconsciously, what kinds of personalities they have difficulties leading and how to adapt, where they land on a “wheel” with other members of their organization (or in this case workshop cohort), and how to lead effectively – inclusive of all personality types without loss of self. Day one is focused on learning specific, tangible tools that will transform your leadership awareness with the ability to implement change immediately.




Day 2: TEAM > Consensus building— Decision Making

Consensus building is the process of getting your group on the same page. Whether there’s group conflict over reaching a specific outcome, needing a push in the right direction, or help finding common ground, consensus building can help. Transformational leaders are the core of bringing groups to consensus, this is difficult to do without the right tools to understand how to get there. Day two will be used to walk through the ToP® Facilitation Methods consensus workshop method, leaving participants confident to:

  • • Integrate diverse ideas as a collective
  • • Develop a shared vision and process that is agreed upon
  • • Generate practical and creative solutions from multiple lenses
  • • Tap into rational and intuitive thought processes

See how the City if Bloomington uses the consensus workshop methods:



Day 3: Strategy > The change process, Strategic Planning, and Action Planning 

Leaders are often left with the responsibility of managing strategic plans, leading action-based initiatives, and changing company culture.  Day three will teach participants how to create strategic plans that provide organizations with consistency and purpose.  The strategic planning method will teach leaders how to create a high performing organization and staff, who are inspired by their work, excited to implement change and see reward through participation. ToP® Strategic Planning provides attendees with an active participatory model that ensures success and engagement from those involved in the process.

Day three will also focus on action planning and how it can be used to make meetings more productive, conversations more dynamic – leaving with true understanding, plan programs/projects/events and initiatives with specific and achievable goals, and find new processes for group collaboration. The ToP® Action Planning method, helps groups plan, organize resources and build commitment.


Participants will walk away understanding how to:


  • • Effectively include decision makers and “doers” in the strategic planning process
  • • Identify how organizational mission, vision and values will be represented in the
  • • strategic plan
  • • Asses relevant underlying contradictions or set-backs in the way of success
  • • Map out important goals that will reflect the organization’s mission and vision
  • • Plan out a 1-2 year timeline for specific actions that will achieve organizational
  •  goals with resources, capacity and time in mind
  • • Create a platform for accountability to ensure success
  • • Analyze the current reality and where success could be seen
  • • Maximize group involvement and identify manageable accountability
  • • Visualize inspiring, successful results with full participation
  • • Create a practical plan with ownership, timelines and measures


  September 11-13


  WeWork Uptown, Minneapolis, MN


The HueLife Transformational Leadership course costs $1,250 per person.

Discounts are available for organizations sending 5 or more people.

We can customize this program and others for your team, as well as bring the learning to your location!

To learn more, contact us at 651.204.0441 or

Early Bird Discount: $75 OFF

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“These methods have taken us to the next level. We make better, faster and more inclusive decisions. Even our most experienced people find high value in these courses. These techniques have added meaningful innovation in an easy-to-follow approach.”

Genevieve Daniels, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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