ToP® Facilitation Methods

A two-day training ideal for individuals who want to make meetings productive, conversations inclusive, contexts relevant, and project plans achievable through group-directed action.

Program Overview

Establish basic understanding and critical skills to facilitate foundational methods to solve complex organizational and community challenges. ToP® Facilitation Methods (TFM) is the foundational methodology course to develop skills in leading highly effective conversations, group decision making processes, and planning for successful project implementation. Participants learn to establish participatory environments and guide groups to collective decision making.

Participants will Learn to Facilitate:

1-  The Focused Conversation Method

Guide groups through a meaningful exchange of ideas to:

  • Gather authentic feedback to inform group success.
  • Host purposeful discussions that lead to action.
  • Surface new ideas and solutions to mindfully interpret problems.
  • Effectively capture a group’s best thinking with participatory practices.

This method guides group reflection, provides direction in meetings and moves ideas to action.

2-  The Consensus Workshop Method

Engage and energize people toward common goals to:

  • Integrate diverse ideas as a collective.
  • Develop a shared vision and process with respectful agreement.
  • Generate practical and creative solutions for complex problems.
  • Stimulate rational and intuitive thought processes.

This method helps resolve conflict, unifies a collective approach to change and establishes common ground by understanding new ideas.

3-  The Action Planning Process

Help groups plan, organize resources and build commitment to:

  • Analyze the current reality and where success could be seen.
  • Maximize group involvement and identify manageable accountability.
  • Visualize inspiring, successful results with full participation.
  • Create a practical plan with ownership, timelines and measures.

This method guides successful planning for projects, programs and events. Action plans guide successful initiatives from three-months up to two-years in length.

2023 DATES


8:30 am –5:00 pm

Course begins at 8:00 am

14 CEHs Are Available For:


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  • Corporate Level and Large Non-Profit (budget more than $5 million): $1,250
  • Public Government Level: $1,050
  • Individual Professional and Mid-Sized Non-Profit Level (budget between $1-$5 million): $950
  • Student and Small Non-Profit Level (budget less than $1million): $650
  • Refresher -already taken the course: $150

Participant Testimonials

Hands on interactive, able to practice, adult learning environment.

Jill Ellefson

If you need to learn how to facilitate, this course is for you! 


Melody Herr

Very intense, but worth it. 

Merrisa Murray

Skills we need to all gain as leaders.  


Erline Maingot

You’ll increase your ability to “see” the conversation and come to resolution 

Andrew Rahaman

Great at understanding how to engage w/o forcing your view in the room. 


Erin Feehily

Needed if you facilitate or lead meetings or project manager 

Yvette Connevey

The two-day training was a wonderful experience.  The methodology is clear, concise, easy to understand, aligns with my values and provides an opportunity to utilize my strengths. 


Erin McNally , Learning Coordinator - School of Business & Community Services

Interesting, informative, fun, innovative and practical training that helps you be a more effective facilitator in front of a group. Worth your time! 

ToP Facilitation Methods Participant

An engaging and refreshing look at facilitation techniques that will bring a group through shared awareness, shared agreement and committed Action 


ToP Facilitation Methods Participant

I have learned how to guide people to the solution, but it’s the answers they already had they just didn’t realize it.

ToP Facilitation Methods Participant

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