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HueLife specializes in working with organizations and communities to engage, collaborate, innovate, and change for the greater good. We have a team of certified facilitators experienced in designing and facilitating strategic planning sessions that engage and empower participants.

We accommodate multiple learning and engagement styles to ensure a rewarding experience for everyone involved. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify needs, expectations and desired outcomes, and then design a planning process that both delivers on those outcomes and builds on the work already underway.


We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. There is no right or wrong way to develop a plan – we adapt our approach to best fit the culture of the organization, its familiar models and frameworks, the nature of the business, and more. Our job is to understand the human needs and why a new strategy is needed and to bring forward a process that will focus on the needs and move the group forward with action. The HUE™ Approach values inclusive participation, dignity, profound respect, and collective action.

The strategic planning journey consists of three parts:

PART 1: Collecting Data –Identifying relevant factual data such as historical events, past accomplishments, current and future trends, and subjective data from individuals.

PART 2: Creating Shared Vision & Strategies to Achieve It –Identifying a practical vision that represents a shared picture of the future. This vision is a collection of ideas, aspirations, hopes and dreams that can be accomplished when community members come together and choose collaboration and partnership over competition and status quo.

PART 3: Developing a Blue Print –Determining an implementation journey that includes a realistic timeline, resources necessary, ownership and accountability, progress reports and evaluation. The process includes articulating the need for change and vision of success, assessing readiness and capacity of the community and the team(s) responsible for implementation, gaining clarity on most critical priorities and developing a blue print for implementation.

Related courses include: Strategic Planning*, Action Planning* and Transformational Leadership. Group discounts are available.

Client Testimonial

“Sterling Municipal Library is going through a period of growth and transition.  Like libraries across the country, our library recognizes that traditional service models are losing relevance to our communities.  Libraries have never been solely about books and reading, but as community needs change, libraries and librarians find themselves well positioned to take on new roles.  In preparation for creating a strategic vision that will help define those roles, library staff decided to participate in a series of environmental scanning activities.  Fortunate to have several HueLife trained individuals in our organization, we enlisted their help.  First, we chose “The Wave” to help us identify how library services have been trending over the past decade.  The exercise really illuminated the practices that we are ready to let go and got the group excited about areas we feel most worthy of our time and resources.

Jamie Eustace, Director Sterling Municipal Library City Of Baytown, TX
HueLife’s responsiveness and resourcefulness as issues arose is noteworthy and made working with them in this first-time virtual facilitation experience reassuring and confidence building.

(on co-facilitating virtual strategic planning)

Kathleen Osta, Vital Clarity
HueLife’s responsiveness and resourcefulness as issues arose is noteworthy and made working with them in this first-time virtual facilitation experience reassuring and confidence building.
Genevieve Daniels, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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