Strategic planning is no longer just an exercise for top managers to wrestle with. Most organizations today recognize the importance of engaging multiple perspectives in the process of strategy formation, especially if it requires performance improvements and culture change.

The Performance Excellence Network is pleased to host a full-day workshop facilitated by Irina Fursman of HueLife: “Participative Strategy Formation that Makes Culture Change Happen.”  The workshop will be held on December 11 at Normandale Community College in Bloomington.

This session will introduce you to a framework developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs through applied research in Community Development.  Collection of experiences and lessons learned from over a thousand strategic planning processes around the world led to what we call today “Technology of Participation (ToP).” HueLife utilizes this process for a variety of settings, from community-wide strategic planning engagements to planning for mergers to planning for organizational startups to straightforward organizational strategic planning.  The facilitators will share recent real examples and stories to reveal what works and what to avoid when engaging whole systems in the strategic thinking and planning efforts.  Participants will practice the strategic planning tools, enabling you to comfortably bring them back to your organization or community.

Strategic planning is critical for any organization’s (or community’s) success.  As captured in the Baldrige “Criteria for Performance Excellence,” effectively developing and implementing strategy aligns organizational processes and initiatives, optimizes resources, and leverages core competencies.






December 11, 2018


Normandale Community College


9700 France Avenue South

Bloomington, MN



8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Registration begins at 8:00 am


 PEN Members: $325

 Non Members: $650

 Teams of 3-4 people from the same

   member organization: $300

 Teams of 5+: $275 per person


Irina Fursman, MS, Co-Founder and CEO of



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