Strategic planning is often left on the backburner for most organizations. With difficulties implementing goals, getting buy-in from staff/partners, monitoring accountability, and measuring success – organizations feel overwhelmed by the process. Strategic planning provides organizations with consistency and purpose. Now more than ever, we are working in diverse environments and experiencing cultural shifts within our communities and organizations, requiring action and change in our internal structures for success. Strategic planning creates a high performing organization and staff, who are inspired by their work, excited to implement change and see reward through participation.

ToP® Strategic Planning provides attendees with an active participatory model that ensures success and engagement from those involved in the process. Participants will walk away understanding how to use strategic planning for group consensus with attention to plan implementation. This course will teach attendees to:

  • Effectively include decision makers and “doers” in the strategic planning process
  • Identify how organizational mission, vision and values will be represented in the strategic plan
  • Asses relevant underlying contradictions or setbacks in the way of success
  • Map out important goals that will reflect the organization’s mission, vision and values
  • Plan out a 1-2 year timeline for specific actions that will achieve organizational goals with resources, capacity and time in mind
  • Create a platform for accountability to ensure success
  • Keep the strategic plan off the backburner! 

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Course Testimonial

“The ToP Strategic Planning course gave a clear/comprehensive methodology to deliver meaningful planning conversations that can truly impact how an organization operates”

– Katie Troyer

Course Testimonial

“I now have a roadmap for facilitating these discussions. I don’t feel so helpless!”

– Lorraine Brady

Course Testimonial

“Allows you to understand what Strategic Planning really is and how to narrow focus towards action items.”

– Jill Hermanutz

Course Testimonial

“You learn how to grow your teamwork skills and put together a real strategic plan.”

– Paul Gaulke

2021 DATES 

 Oct 21 & 22 – St. Louis Park, MN

 Nov 10 & 11 – Madison, WI

 Dec 7 & 8 – St. Louis Park, MN







This course is for people who:

 Lead, manage or coordinate people and projects 

 Generate engagement, inspiration and commitment

 Oversee and implement organizational plans

 Collaborate with others to quickly generate results

 Build competency in designing and facilitating meetings

Note: ToP Facilitation Methods is a prerequisite for Strategic Planning.


We use a sliding scale to improve access for underserved communities. Per-person prices are:

 Corporate Level: $950

 Large Non-Profit Level (budget more than 5 million): $950

 Public and Government Level: $750

 Mid-Sized Non-Profit Level (budget 1-5 million): $650

 Self-Employed or Independent: $650

 Small Non-Profit Level (budget less than 1 million): $400

 Student Level: $400

Early Bird Discount: $50 Off
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