Strategic decisions are sometimes made quickly, void of the thoughtful analysis of pertinent data necessary to ensure these decisions are in the best interest of the organization, a situational assessment is a systematic process to gather, analyze, and synthesize data, and then communicate the story told by that data. This story can be used to inform the goals, objectives, target audiences, and activities of your organization.​​ 

Participants will learn to:

  • Collect and analyze  data via a participatory process​
  • Understand who is impacted by the situation
  • Identify influencing factors in the situation
  • Communicate the data results effectively to others
  • Determine action steps to be taken to address the situation

When to use situational assessments:

  • To identify community wants, needs, and assets
  • When making decisions that need to be evidenced-based
  • When writing proposals that need justification with data
  • When learning more about an audience of interest
  • Prior to engaging in a strategic planning process

2020 DATES

 Sept 22: Bloomington, MN

 Oct 14: Madison, WI

 Sept 24: Kansas City, MO




Course: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Registration begins at 8:30 am





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