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Lumina Learning believes that meaningful personal growth helps people become more adaptable and build strong personal and workplace relationships. Paired with HueLife’s approach to understanding and engagement, transformation exponentially increases for individuals committed to organizational growth through self development.

Lumina Learning believes that meaningful personal growth helps people become more adaptable and build strong personal and workplace relationships. Avoiding typing, labels or boxes, their next-generation tools help you hire the right people, accelerate their personal growth and transform your organization. HueLife has licensed practitioners in two Lumina Learning tools – Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader!


Based on the latest research, the scientific rigor behind Lumina allows us to measure “Your 3 Personas” and “Embracing Paradox”.


Validated psychometrics, resources and systems that are completely customizable to provide you the solutions you are looking for.


Elegantly constructed into three levels – four colors, eight aspects and twenty-four qualities, balancing depth and accountability.


No stereotypes, labels, boxes, grids, or cells. Lumina Spark and Leader fully value you as an individual.

Lumina Learning

Facilitate personal and professional breakthroughs as an individual and as a team using Lumina tools for self-understanding and perception of team dynamics.


The HueLife reflection process can be combined with Lumina Learning to move the process deeper into personal and team awareness, shifting performance to an even higher level. Relationships and work environment will be improved through better communication, more creativity, less conflict, and more time to do your job.

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Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork, and leadership. Find your Inner Spark. Increase your potential.

Lumina Spark provides a personalized portrait of your whole personality. It speaks directly to people, providing a report uniquely about them as individuals – not about people who are similar to them. It is designed to increase self-awareness, revel hidden potential and cope better under pressure. The model is simple to understand yet contains great depth by directly measuring 72 personality qualities. This is why Lumina Spark is the choice of so many organizations for selection, training, and development.

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Lead with confidence and authenticity, while learning how to adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of your team and organization.

Lumina Leader is an assessment tool based on the latest business theories. It is designed to nurture leadership to its highest level. This will give you an insight into leading others by understanding your leadership style and the needs of those you are leading. Your unique style is your special strength and when you can also adapt it to suit every situation and every individual, you reach peak leadership performance.

Lumina Spark Coach

Lumina Learning Helps Leaders:

  • Develop and increase self-awareness.

  • Establish healthy relationships with colleagues.

  • Motivate and empower teams during change and uncertainty.

  • Improve communications and productivity and minimize conflict.

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Participant Testimonials

Understanding my strengths and “areas of challenge” in relation to those of my CEO’s, really helped me gain a better portrait of how we work together. These assessments tend to focus too much on large group dynamics and it’s difficult to really focus on specific working relationships. This training was different and I found it far more helpful than others that I’ve participated in. Today’s training was a well-balanced approach to both the large group dynamics and the one-on-one relationships that we have in our workplace. Great Job!

Chase Black , Grove Hill Memorial Hospital

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