Insights Discovery®

The Insights Discovery assessment is a tool we implement with clients during leadership development, team building, facilitation, and various consulting projects. In addition, Insights Discovery can be used independently to help individuals within a team surface insights about self as they begin to build their self-awareness. 

Insights Discovery Helps Leaders:

Develop High Performing Teams
Bridge Communication Gaps

Create Building Blocks for Excellent Communication
Mitigate and Reduce Conflict
Insights Discovery color descriptions

Facilitate personal and professional breakthroughs as an individual and as a team using tools for self-understanding and perception of team dynamics.

By combining Insights Discovery and the Huelife Reflection process to increase self-awareness, we help people and teams perform at their highest level. We transform relationships at work, by improving communication, increasing creativity, decreasing conflict, and leaving more time to get the job done.

Where might Insights lead you?

  • Team Performance

Groups are thrilled when they see the effect of their self discovery session come alive in their work as a renewed sense of passion, efficiency, productivity and connection.

  • Personal Efficacy

Leaders and employees develop belief in their skills working with HueLife through customized development plans in one-to-one coaching.

  • Organizational Structure

Companies can measure the impact of improved communication, inspirational managers, empathetic employees, and shared goals.

  • Boosted Confidence:

The language of Insights color spreads quickly through teams. It is memorable, simple to understand and means that the learning is embodied and applied immediately to individual and team work. The methods reveal unique individual preferences, providing a common language to form teams, offer feedback, and establish solid communications that increase: 

  • Customer Relations

Clients can sense a positive culture shift when your team implements strategies to understand the condition of customer contracts.

Insights Discovery summary report

Insights Discovery is for anyone who:

  • Needs to understand the impact of their personal style
  • Wants to have effective relationships with their colleagues

  • Wants to have effective relationships with their colleagues

  • Hopes to achieve success through building strong partnerships
  • Is striving to improve communications and minimize conflict

Insights Discovery as Cultural Enrichment

The essence of Insights Discovery is at the heart of our work through the simple framework of four color identities. After learning about your personality, the lessons can be applied to understand how individual character traits interact in team contexts.

Application Ideas

  • Communication & Collaboration: Learn how your team, department or organization can work together more effectively on daily tasks or long-term change initiatives through a series of Insights Discovery Workshops.

  • Personal Impact at Work: In a personal coaching program, identify personal areas of strength and overcome blocks to success with Insights Discovery in a development plan tailored to you.

  • Leadership & Team Growth: Apply your understanding of color personalities to capitalize on individual and collective strengths that enhance critical business roles and organizational functionality.

  • Transforming Self-Awareness: Engage in Insights Discovery Full Circle to complement Insights Discovery Personal Profile to give peers, managers and customers the opportunity to provide feedback on an individual basis.

Participant Testimonials

“We worked with HueLife to facilitate two separate discussions for our Board of Directors.  Each topic was broad, and required critical thinking, knowledge and patience to execute successfully.  I am pleased with the work their team completed to prepare and execute each session.  We accomplished more than what was anticipated, and I would highly recommend their team!” 

Annie B. Deckert, EDFP MPA CEO, Greater Fergus Falls Corporation

“These are smart and creative professionals who know what they are doing, I have enjoyed getting to know and work with several of these associates.”

Lynda Lieberman Baker

Hue Life is a first rate consulting and engagement firm led by professionals skilled in the art of active listening and independent and honest feedback. Highly recommended.

Michael Bell

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