Virtual Engagement Workshops

The world was forced to go virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the last two years, our offerings have grown and expanded to meet the ever changing needs of communities and companies around the world.

HUE Quick Learns are hands-on workshops for facilitators, project managers, consultants, and leaders to sharpen their skills and make virtual experiences as impactful and meaningful as possible. During our time together, a tool or template is shared, and then as a community of learners, you take control and determine the best use and application in your context. These services are currently only being offered as an In-house service.

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Data & Assessment
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Inclusive Engagement
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Innovative Approaches
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Strategy & Planning
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How to Facilitate a Retrospective

  • Strategy & Planning

This workshop will provide you with a proven approach to prepare productive retrospectives or facilitate sprint retrospectives, especially in the virtual environment as a new Scrum Master. It is offered jointly by HueLife, facilitation and Collaborative Leadership Team trainers, and experts in the Scrum framework.

Learn to:

  • Understand retrospective tools and their applications.
  • Develop best practices to host virtual groups meetings.
  • Share experiences for successful retrospective events.
  • Build confidence implementing retrospective tools.
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How to Facilitate Conversations Virtually

  • Inclusive Engagement

A good conversation is inclusive of multiple perspectives and ideas. But how can we encourage active engagement and inclusive participation when we meet online? In this workshop, you will learn multiple tools on how to provide opportunities for participants to engage in a meaningful and impactful conversation.

Learn to:

  • Facilitate an engaging and participatory conversation on a virtual platform.
  • Guide participants through the natural human understanding process across the domains of information retrieval, emotional reflection, personal and group meaning, and decision making.
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How to Collectively

Process Data

  • Data & Assessment


We often do a good job collecting data, but stumble when it comes to translating data into information that makes sense and then wisdom that provides meaning. This session will guide you through a sensemaking process that reduces the overwhelm of data analysis by better understanding the difference between quantitative (number-based) and qualitative (story-based) data. We will teach you to collect data, interpret key information and synthesize meaning to determine what should be shared with a group to help make good decisions.

Learn to:

  • Facilitate a cooperative, group study session to digest data.
  • Break large chunks of complicated data into smaller pieces to create clarity.
  • Decipher patterns and trends in data to make better decisions.
  • Lead a conversation that considers critical insights regarding future planning.
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How to Collaborate Virtually

  • Innovative Approaches

Experience methods to facilitate the co-creation of innovative and collective solutions virtually using Zoom and Mural. Many individuals and groups can easily generate ideas yet get stuck when it is time to categorize, prioritize, and implement. Join us to develop and refine your skills to guide groups beyond common sticking points to bring action to their goals and objectives.

Learn to:

  • Engage groups in “out-of-the box” thinking.
  • Converge diverse ideas through consensus-based agreement and resolve.
  • Guide the development of strategies to enact mission and vision.
  • Support collaboration and inclusive participation using Mural (a virtual white board) and Zoom (a video-conferencing application).
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How to Stop Micromanaging & Start Collaborating

  • Implementation & Evaluation

Develop facilitation and planning skills that enable trust, motivation, and accountability among team members. It is difficult to transform a culture of micromanagement without new tools to guide the change to empowerment and collaboration. Spend less time in meetings (and meetings after meetings), move to action faster, keep your project on task, and keep your team focused and inspired.

Learn to:

  • Identify cultures of micromanagement with lack of trust among group members.
  • Implement tools to transition into collaboration and accountability.
  • Establish a process that increases efficiencies in project management.
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How to Move from Issues to Actions

  • Strategy & Planning

Establish clarity and definition around a current problem with an effective tool that leads to informed decision making. With this method, you can quickly brainstorm solutions to solve the problem with resolution among your organizational team or community group quickly and effectively. Move beyond complacency into accountability and contribution.

Learn to:

  • Facilitate collective ‘readiness’ among a group to tackle a problem instead of talk about it.
  • Navigate groups around typical roadblocks to action and build synergetic momentum to accomplish the goal.
  • Continue group engagement through completion to celebrate the success.
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How to Capture Wisdom from Within your Group

  • Inclusive Engagement

Build the skills necessary to host World Café methodology. This process is inclusive and engaging but requires a unique ‘with-it-ness’ from facilitators to manage the collective energy, sensitive timing, and shared understanding of this process. With honor and respect, harvest the wisdom of participants regarding any topic.

Learn to:

  • Engage large groups of individuals with greatly differing perspectives.
  • Ensure you make virtual spaces respectful and inclusive of all voices.
  • Collect group responses with accuracy, decreasing personal bias.
  • Implement a framework to host reflective conversations and inspire new learning.
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How to Reflect & Make Decisions

  • Data & Assessment

Learn to implement a tool to collectively define a current reality and better inform new change efforts. When you need to make an important strategic decision or resolve conflict, use this process to inspire new ideas as well as honor past efforts and accomplishments in your organization or community. Take valuable time to reflect on the opportunities and challenges to ensure new sustainable solutions.

Learn to:

  • Onboard new employees and to facilitate succession planning with our assessment tool.
  • Honor and celebrate the past and develop awareness of the present with our reflection tool.
  • Build synergy for future goals with an ideation and decision-making tool.
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How to Solicit Feedback Virtually

  • Data & Assessment

Learn to host a virtual “Town Hall” where all voices come together. Use this tool to gather input and feedback as valid data from diverse stakeholders to make well informed decisions or create shared awareness around a specific topic. This process invites constituents to safely share their valuable stories and wisdom.

Learn to:

  • Use pre-designed questions focused on a certain topic or initiative to build a focused conversation model.
  • Create conditions to hear and understand diverse perspectives on a virtual platform.
  • Gather diverse feedback rather than impose personal opinions and project personal bias for informed decision making.
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How to Keep Virtual Meetings Engaging

  • Inclusive Engagement

Too often, meetings are boring and painful. Facilitating sessions online adds an extra layer of complexity in management, engagement, and outcomes for many people. In this workshop, we teach methods to convene engaging virtual meetings, implement unique features of Zoom, and prevent common pitfalls of virtual meetings.

Learn to:

  • Use virtual engagement tools seamlessly while facilitating.
  • Transpose in-person sessions to online experiences.
  • Conduct effective and meaningful meetings hybrid or virtually.
  • Maximize efficiency, engagement, and fun with online meeting platforms.

Participant Testimonials

Training course that integrates learning, practice & real-world applicationThis gave me hope I can fix many of our organizational challenges.

Beth G.

“We worked with HueLife to facilitate two separate discussions for our Board of Directors.  Each topic was broad, and required critical thinking, knowledge and patience to execute successfully.  I am pleased with the work their team completed to prepare and execute each session.  We accomplished more than what was anticipated, and I would highly recommend their team!” 

Annie B. Deckert, EDFP MPA CEO, Greater Fergus Falls Corporation

“These are smart and creative professionals who know what they are doing, I have enjoyed getting to know and work with several of these associates.”

Lynda Lieberman Baker

Hue Life is a first rate consulting and engagement firm led by professionals skilled in the art of active listening and independent and honest feedback. Highly recommended.

Michael Bell

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