County Increases Skills, Engagement and Productivity

The largest county in Minnesota, Hennepin strives to “enhance the health, safety and quality of life for residents and communities in a respectful, efficient and fiscally responsible way.”

When Hennepin County sought to equip employees with better problem-solving skills, and increase individual and organization capacity, they decided to integrate participatory methods into the culture in a comprehensive way. Hundreds of county employees have been trained in ToP methods, and the county now has an active Facilitator Network where employees continue developing their facilitation skills. The county also created a Center for Innovation and Excellence to generate “refreshed energy in fostering a culture of problem solving, problem prevention, continuous improvement, and creating a new future.”

The result is a self-sustaining cross-training program where employees deepen understanding of county-wide departments and services, experience more promotional opportunities, and have greater confidence, engagement and productivity.