Professional Facilitation Services

If you want to engage the wisdom and expertise of your team or community to inform planning and decision making for the future, HueLife facilitates methods and processes that allow you and your group to take the lead and control the outcomes.

Engage in Inclusive Growth

Explore four different categories of facilitated engagement to enact mission, vision and values, transform organizational culture, develop leadership capacity from within, and engage employees or stakeholders virtually.

How Facilitation Catalyzes Change

When a group needs advice and outside expertise to support the progress of a project or business development, a consultant can be hired to tell them what tasks to complete and how to implement them. On the other hand, if a group recognizes that within their own members a plethora of knowledge, skill sets, wisdom, and other untapped resources, facilitation services can be utilized to create simple yet innovative solutions. Groups who are seeking complementary facilitation services and outside expertise, HueLife’s team of specialists can help you overcome difficult challenges you may be facing.

During a planning or problem solving session, facilitators remain neutral. Their job is to evoke the wisdom of the group, inspire creativity and establish an environment conducive to transparent communication. Even in the face of adversity and complex situations, expert facilitators have the ‘with-it-ness’ to monitor emotional tension, positive excitement or disengagement by understanding and responding to group dynamics. The unique skills implemented by facilitators engage participants in reflection and focused brainstorming that leads into prioritization and implementation for actionable results.

Facilitation is not a new process by any means; however, most organizations and communities are unfamiliar with its benefits and do not utilize the methods. HueLife can support you and your team if you are ready to develop:

  • Focus and clarity in your mission and daily work.
  • Cultural transformation for diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Contextual relevance of products and services.
  • Enhanced communication internally and externally.
  • Skills to embody a model of distributed leadership.
  • Trust, honor and commitment to each unique member.
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