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HueLife is committed to evolving organizational and community practices through shared, transformational leadership. In other words, we approach change and innovation recognizing that everyone involved in the work holds wisdom. We believe that if an individual shows up to participate, whether hesitant or excited, they are generously offering a piece of their story and personal responsibility to contribute. We see each participant. We hear every voice. We honor each moment.


To educate, facilitate and inspire engagement in meaningful action for the greater good of communities and organizations.


  • Engage groups at the deepest levels to transform work into service with meaning.
  • Inspire agents of change to lead revolutionary acts of innovation and compassion.
  • Understand what it takes to lead, follow and contribute to change initiatives.
  • Organize diverse people around a common goal to improve the human experience.


  • Humility: Be a servant leader. Always be learning.
  • Courage: Be open. Take smart risks. Be a change agent.
  • Trust: Assume good intent. Be trustworthy. Trust the process.
  • Integrity: Take responsibility. Keep principles and values present.
  • Relationships: Build strong ties. Develop and maintain caring support systems.
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“We inspire creativity, facilitate learning, and design innovation to rejuvenate and refresh clients as their dreams and goals are transformed into tangible action and success. Our methods ignite participation in groups and establish space for transformation.“


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The HueLife team extends an invitation to you. Learn about the strengths and talents of our core team and consultants who can engage your team in facilitation services and offer you a personal journey of growth in our training programs.. 

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