Our Promise

HueLife is committed to evolving organizational and community practices through shared, transformational leadership. In other words, we approach change and innovation recognizing that everyone involved in the work holds wisdom. We believe that if an individual shows up to participate, whether hesitant or excited, they are generously offering a piece of their story and personal responsibility to contribute. We see each participant. We hear every voice. We honor each moment.


We are a collaborative team of leaders who use Human Understanding and Engagement as a core strategy for change, leadership development, and skill transfer.


We inspire action for the greater good through
Human Understanding and Engagement


  • Integrity: Be worthy of trust. Take responsibility. Keep principles and values present.
  • Courage: Be open. Take smart risks. Be a change agent.
  • Relationships: Build strong ties. Develop and maintain caring support systems.
  • Humility: Be a servant leader. Always be learning.


HueLife team is committed to experimenting, learning, and evolving alongside the people we serve. Here is where we see ourselves in 5 years:

Structure & Systems

  • Exceptional client experiences
  • Systems in place that optimize team efficacy

Engagement & Culture

  • Intentional focus on the joy & development of team members

Sustainability & Growth

  • An accredited HueLife learning journey
  • Youth Development Program that inspires, empowers, and equips youth to lead
  • Robust partnerships that expand our sphere of influence
  • People are inspired and empowered to act through our tools and services
In 2022, we hosted ToP public trainings and/or Hue Conversations in 11 different states.
of participants have been very satisfied with the training they received.
In 2022, we hosted ToP public trainings and/or Hue Conversations in 11 different states.
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“We inspire creativity, facilitate learning, and design innovation to rejuvenate and refresh clients as their dreams and goals are transformed into tangible action and success. Our methods ignite participation in groups and establish space for transformation.“


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Engage in Equitable Transformation With Us

We invite you to learn about the strengths and talents of our employees and consultants, who are excited to engage with you and your team! Our facilitation, consulting, and professional development services are designed to support a personal journey of growth and transformation. Visit our High Performing Organization (HPO) commitments to learn more about who we strive to be as a team.

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