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We at HueLife, stand behind our mission to educate, facilitate and inspire engagement in meaningful action for the greater good of communities and organizations.

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We accomplish our mission by facilitating and implementing practices that heal cultural wounds of the past, overcome dysfunctional group dynamics, and bridge the gap between fear and courage to embrace innovation and risk-taking. We also build the capacity of other leaders to accomplish those same goals.

HueLife’s facilitation services can literally help transform nations. Over the past few years, the independent non-profit Global Synergy Group established by HueLife co-founders, Richard and Irina Fursman, has taken those same facilitation methods across the globe to engage with the next generation of leaders and prepare them for democratic reforms that took place in their home country, Ukraine.

Now, GSG’s attention has turned to meeting the pressing daily sustenance and health needs of the victims of the war in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, GSG has sent over $90,000 in donated funds to provide immediate support to the trusted partners, including NGOs, volunteer groups, business leaders, students, and local governments. You can help by making a tax-deductible contribution to support the work of Global Synergy Group.


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If you are looking for a way you can help, HueLife recommends Global Synergy Group as a champion for grassroots efforts in Ukraine. Click on the button below to learn more and show your support.

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