Powerful teams, meetings and organizations don’t always just happen. Designing for high performance starts with a keen understanding of the environment, the people and the processes, from current state to desired goals. HueLife’s coaches and consultants have a range of tools to assess your unique situation and determine the right approach, from meeting facilitation and leadership coaching to full-blown organizational assessment and process design. 

Our consultants live and breath the ToP® Strategic Planning methods and can work to customize the type of plan your organization needs. Whether it’s starting a new strategic plan from scratch or reviving and rejuvenating an old plan, we’re here to help. Our strategic planning sessions leave organizations with key stakeholders and staff energized and committed to the plan, follow up and next steps outlined.

With our backgrounds in organization development, industrial psychology, coalition development, higher education, non-profit and public administration, we can meet the needs of all industries and sectors.



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