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Celebrating Newly Certified ToP® Facilitators!

On September 21st, we celebrated and welcomed to our community of ToP Certified Facilitators: Rachel Walch, Dana Hanson, Michael Beebe, Carla Roberts, and Lisa Meredith, who completed her certification journey earlier this year! We’re sending a warm congratulations to all our new certified facilitators, who’ve been on this amazing journey. We look forward to our ToP community expanding, as we’ve now reached 100 certified facilitators in America!


Lessons from the Trenches: CoP Case Study Report Using the consensus workshop method in a political environment

On September 10th, 22 participants attended the Community of Practice event. Together they worked through how they would solve an issue within a local government environment that involved dishonesty, tension between staff and council, and no clear direction. Learn how Dr. Richard Fursman worked with a city council having difficulties prioritizing – as a symptom of dysfunctional behavioral and political agenda pushing within the council. Using a one-on-one conversation prior to the session and consensus workshop method during the session, the council was able see the reality of what they needed to change to become successful. Learn more here.

2019 Course Calendar Now Available!

All 2019 courses are available on HueLife’s website. Featuring newly added Accelerated Action Planning and the new Mastering ToP 2019 Program! CEHs are available for the following professional associations: BOSA, PMI, CHES-MCHES, AICP, NAICS