Insights discovery is a deep dive personal assessment tool we use with our clients for leadership development, team building, and in facilitation and consultation. We also use the Insights® Discovery tool as an independent service to help groups come to group and self-awareness. Insights Discovery is for anyone who: Needs to understand the impact of their personal style, wants to have effective relationships with their colleagues, hopes to achieve success through building strong partnerships, is striving to improve communications and minimize conflict. Insights Discovery leads to developing high-performing and engaged teams, who have critical awareness of self and group needs.


Create individual and team breakthroughs through a Journey into self-understanding and team dynamics

By combining Insights Discovery and the Huelife Reflection process to increase self-awareness, we help people and teams perform at their highest level. We transform relationships at work, by improving communication, increasing creativity, decreasing conflict, and leaving more time to get the job done.

Where can Insights lead?

 Engaged, High Performing Teams: Our clients are thrilled when they see their organizations and teams come alive with a renewed sense of passion and connection. The easy to learn and use methods reveal unique individual preferences, providing a common language for forming teams, offering feedback, and establishing best communication practices.

 Increased Personal Effectiveness: Used as part of a one-to-one coaching program, Huelife can help people create a tailor-made development plan.

 Boosted Confidence: By looking at the effectiveness of your customer contract people, we create strategies to improve customer relationships.

 High, Long-term Impact: The language of color spreads quickly throughout organizations – it’s memorable, simple to understand and means that the learning isn’t forgotten once people are back on the day job. The real breakthrough will happen in your organization when the lessons of your journey together are applied back in the real world. When communication is consistently clear and respectful, when managers know how to motivate their people, when salespeople and service staff understand how to relate to their customers, and when everyone on the team is working towards the same goals, you’ll realize the measurable impact that investing in people development can bring.

Insights Discovery is for anyone who:

• Needs to understand the impact of their personal style

• Wants to have effective relationships with their colleagues

• Hopes to achieve success through building strong partnerships

•  Is striving to improve communications and minimize conflict

Using Insights Discovery as Part of a Wider Program

Insights Discovery is at the heart of everything that we do. This simple framework of four colour energies can be used to develop highly-tailored solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Example solutions

 Increasing communication and collaboration: learn how your team, department or organization can work together more effectively in a series of Insights Discovery Workshops.

 Improving personal effectiveness: as part of a programme of coaching, Insights Discovery can be used to identify areas of strength and help create a development plan tailored to each individual.

 Developing leaders and sales staff: use an understanding of preferences to assess individual and collective strengths and enhance crucial business skills.

 Taking self-awareness to the next level: As a perfect complement to Insights Discovery Personal Profile, Insights Discovery Full Circle gives peers, managers and customers the opportunity to provide feedback on an individual basis.

Bridge Communication Gaps

Mitigate and Reduce Conflict

Develop High Performing Teams

Create Building Blocks for Excellent Communication


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