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Your most valuable resource is our specialty: people. HueLife is a human capital consulting firm that harnesses the power of people using world-renowned, trusted methods, expertise and experience. Our greatest accomplishment: helping organizations, teams and individuals reach their maximum potential. Let us help you engage, innovate, change and grow!

Leadership Coaching & Recruitment

Finding the right leader for your organization or community is a significant undertaking requiring a blend of art, science and experience. HueLife uses insightful, reliable methods and tools to find and match leaders with for your organization, given the needs and challenges at that moment in time. In fact, the executive search process presents a great opportunity to review the health and mission of your organization and move toward the future.

We help make the search a success with a unique onboarding process that guides the new leader, and your organization, through the complex process of adjustment.

Organization Development & Change Consulting

When true transformation needs to happen, HueLife can help. Sustained culture change, whether driven by outside influences or internal demands, requires authentic buy-in. Our change experts can facilitate and guide your change initiative from start to finish, or help you with a particularly challenging phase. We start with an assessment of your current environment and then present data, insights, and options for your unique situation to achieve near-term and long-term goals. HueLife also provides individual and team coaching to help people adapt to major shifts, such as reorganization, role changes, and new goals.

Engagment & Faciliation

HueLife is dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people, communities, and organizations. While outside expertise is sometimes needed, an untapped wisdom often exists within the group. HueLife’s greatest accomplishment is to truly engage and guide a group on a sustainable path toward success. Using world-renowned methods customized to your unique needs, we help teams and organizations with action planning, consensus building, implementation, and evaluation. We also help your team build facilitation and engagement skills to improve on-going engagement, problem-solving and change agility.

Learning & Development

The most critical factors in organizational performance are associated with leadership and management. Research has revealed that only 10 percent of what is taught in a class setting is retained by the participants, versus nearly two-thirds of what is learned by doing. Our training and development programs place leaders and managers into the act of leading and managing.We emphasize the need for contextual learning, because a great leader or leadership approach in one situation may not perform well in another. Our research shows that leadership development has the best results when it is coordinated with strategy, organization culture and goals.