90% of adults learn best when visuals are part of their learning experience! In this half-day graphics application lab, you will learn how to tap into the power of imagery and use graphics to enhance the participant experience. You do not have to have any previous drawing, painting or creative experience for this course. Regardless of your perceived artistic skills, you will strengthen your competency in combining words and visuals to communicate more clearly, deeply and dramatically. You will learn:

 Relevant theories around visuals and how they enhance learning 

 Drawing basics, how to create shapes, icons and graphics

 How to generate more creativity and energy in your team’s by visualizing content.

 How to fostering existing creativity and inspire new insights by turning ideas into graphics

You will be able to:

 Create templates, flipcharts and visual aids that can be reused

 Develop designs for products, processes, programs and events.

 Increase confidence and comprehension in leading your groups.



2020 Dates coming soon!








 Wework – Uptown


    1330 Lagoon Ave, Minneapolis MN




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