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Our team believes that anyone who is ready to commit to personal change that makes a difference in the lives of others understands the value and importance of transformational professional development.

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If you need financial support to participate in one of our trainings, please apply today. Our scholarships provide free or reduced costs. A couple of notes to remember:

  1. Scholarship applicants will be notified 1-2 weeks prior to a course regarding availability.
  2. There may be more than one opportunity to use your scholarship if seats are limited in the specific course you choose.
  3. Choose a specific course you are interested in completing rather than a specific training date.

Scholarships are available to you if you are:

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An undergraduate or high school students

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Veterans, seeking development opportunities

Man at computer searching for a job

People in transition, currently unemployed


Staff and volunteers of very small non-profits, civic groups and neighborhood groups

Apply for a HueLife Scholarship

If you want to apply for a HueLife scholarship, fill out the form. If you want to apply for multiple trainings, please repeat the form entry for each training.

Participant Testimonials

Training course that integrates learning, practice & real-world application.  This gave me hope I can fix many of our organizational challenges.

Beth G.

“We worked with HueLife to facilitate two separate discussions for our Board of Directors.  Each topic was broad, and required critical thinking, knowledge and patience to execute successfully.  I am pleased with the work their team completed to prepare and execute each session.  We accomplished more than what was anticipated, and I would highly recommend their team!” 

Annie B. Deckert, EDFP MPA CEO, Greater Fergus Falls Corporation

“These are smart and creative professionals who know what they are doing, I have enjoyed getting to know and work with several of these associates.”

Lynda Lieberman Baker

Hue Life is a first rate consulting and engagement firm led by professionals skilled in the art of active listening and independent and honest feedback. Highly recommended.

Michael Bell

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