(FACE) Framework For Active

Community Engagement

Participate in our unique training model that seamlessly aligns HueLife facilitation methods, Strategic Prevention Framework, and best-practices in community-based coalition leadership.

Coalition leadership presents unique challenges unlike any other context. The complexity of building cohesion, trust, and engagement in a team is exponentially increased as professional staff and local volunteers unify to address important issues in the community. Learn to cultivate rich and meaningful engagement with your coalition with facilitation methods that lead participants to naturally step into the process and actively contribute to the conversations and decision-making process. In this space, all voices are honored to develop practical, effective plans.

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Coalition Workshops

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Facilitative Leadership: Coalition Engagement, Collaboration & Motivation

Facilitate conversations and planning sessions that are inclusive of every unique person participating in the group.

Learn to:

  • Engage large, diverse groups quickly.
  • Stimulate deep thinking in individuals and the collective.
  • Identify issues, encourage discourse, and achieve closure.
  • Achieve group resolve through controversy, cultural differences, and celebration.

Private, in-house courses are available for groups of 10 or more.

HUE™ Shared Agreement

Facilitate groups to a common understanding and group-based decisions with inspiring and energizing processes.

Learn to:

  • Develop an inspiring vision co-created and owned by the group.
  • Identify and address conflicting or misaligned goals.
  • Integrate diverse ideas in effective, hybrid solutions.
  • Create focused solutions for complex challenges.

Private, in-house courses are available for groups of 10 or more.

Small Team Action Planning

Implement long-term planning to increase coalition impact, focusing on simple solutions to complex problems with profound results.

Learn to:

  • Conduct a reliable situational analysis to understand the current context.
  • Visualize data and outcomes as understandable stories.
  • Maximize the participation of group members to mobilize action.
  • Establish a realistic and flexible plan with timelines and accountability measures.

Private, in-house courses are available for groups of 10 or more.

Capitalize on Your Capacity

Prepare future leadership and coalition members by analyzing member involvement and understanding dynamic community needs.

Learn to:

  • Align coalition goals with stakeholders goals with meaning for rich collaboration.
  • Identify key relationships among coalition and community members that naturally evoke trust to engage more stakeholders.
  • Develop skills to identify unwritten rules and underground support systems to strengthen coalition roots.
  • Strengthen coalition work by understanding, honoring and inspiring continued constituent contributions.

Private, in-house courses are available for groups of 10 or more.

Participant Testimonials

The training that HueLife provided for Nebraska Prevention professionals was a huge success. Participants reported that they increased their confidence in engaging stakeholders in conversations about prevention, were better able to explain their data to stakeholders, and had plans to move their coalition work into actionable items. They also felt that the materials and tools provided by HueLife were incredibly valuable. The HueLife team was extremely easy and flexible to work with in the planning process, especially given last minute shifts from in-person to virtual trainings. I definitely hope to continue working with HueLife in the future!

Lindsey Hanlon

“We worked with HueLife to facilitate two separate discussions for our Board of Directors.  Each topic was broad, and required critical thinking, knowledge and patience to execute successfully.  I am pleased with the work their team completed to prepare and execute each session.  We accomplished more than what was anticipated, and I would highly recommend their team!” 

Annie B. Deckert, EDFP MPA CEO, Greater Fergus Falls Corporation

“These are smart and creative professionals who know what they are doing, I have enjoyed getting to know and work with several of these associates.”

Lynda Lieberman Baker

Hue Life is a first rate consulting and engagement firm led by professionals skilled in the art of active listening and independent and honest feedback. Highly recommended.

Michael Bell

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