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HueLife is now offering HUE Journeys – Mastery programs that will significantly improve facilitative leadership capabilities, virtual engagement skills, deepen knowledge of various facilitation methods, and provide a fun learning environment. Learn the “what” and the “how” through a series of virtual learning intensives over a period of a year with opportunities to practice, share, and gain feedback.

You won’t ever be on a HUE Journey alone – you will have the HueLife team there to support and mentor you and you will

also create a learning community that will last well past the completion of your HUE Journey. 


Currently, we are accepting registrations for the following Journeys:

If you are striving to be a transformational leader, this cohort is for you! The HUE Leadership Journey is an intensive skill-building cohort experience that focuses on engaging team members and stakeholders to create a collaborative work culture. Significantly improve facilitative leadership capabilities, and deepen your knowledge of various facilitation methods.

DUE TO HIGH DEMAND we are starting a THIRD Prevention Leaders Cohort. This virtual cohort, made up of 5 intensives, will transform personal facilitation and leadership skills designed by professionals in the prevention field for professionals in the prevention field. It will equip prevention leaders with skills to transform their communities!


Learning is a journey of exploration and growth. When that journey is designed with intention and purpose, it fosters a transformation unlocked new unrealized potential.

Through working with HueLife, I’ve been on a journey; a journey of carefully crafted training and coaching that’s bringing about personal and professional transformations.

As you continue on your journey of learning and growth, be intentional, be strategic, and view each individual training as a stop along your transformation.

Dave Closson

Director, MidAmerica PTTC


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