As new leaders are emerging and workplace culture is changing, becoming a transformational leader is essential to success. 

Transformational leaders are able to inspire others, facilitate culture and create an environment for learning, collaboration, and innovation. Leaders must model the behaviors they expect from others, including authenticity, courage, and vulnerability. 

Becoming a tranformational leader is not possible without emotional intelligence: true awareness of self and the ability to understand and relate to others.  These capabilities are developed through deep refection, practice, and feedback.

The Transformational Leadership Workshop will leave participants with confidence in implementing change within themselves and their teams or organizations. Participants will learn three essential skills over the course of three days: self-reflection, group facilitation and engagement, and strategic thinking.

DAY 1: SELF > Strengthen self-awareness & your leadership style

Participants will be asked to complete an Insights® Discovery profile administered by HueLife before the beginning of the course. This profile will reveal personal preferences that impact the overall personality and style of the leader, some blind spots, and what kinds of personalities they have difficulties leading the most. 

Leader’s conscious and less conscious (sub-conscious) behavioral perferences will be explored to help gain awareness and develop a personal development plan. 

Day one is focused on learning specific, tangible tools that will enhance your leadership awareness and the ability to implement change immediately.

Participants will learn how to:

Be inclusive

Recognize and adapt to different styles

Lead authentically

Communicate effectively

Facilitate a productive conversation

Day 2: TEAM > Consensus building— Decision Making

Consensus building is the process of getting your group to a level of agreement and buy-in so that they can move forward as a cohesive team.

Whether there is a disagreement over reaching a specific outcome, need for establishing shared expectations, lack of vision or clarity about shared goals, consensus building becomes a critical skill for an effective leader. Transformational leaders should be skilled at bringing groups together, building consensus and developing trust with stakeholders. 

Day two will be focused on group dynamics and developing facilitation skills, including practicing the tools in a safe learning envionment of peers.

Participants will learn how to:

Facilitate intergration of diverse ideas

Develop a shared vision or collective goals with a team

Generate practical and creative solutions for multiple lenses

Tap into rational in intuitive thought processes

Lead in a collaborative culture

Day 3: Strategy > The change process, Strategic Planning, and Action Planning 

Leaders are often left with the responsibility of managing strategic plans, leading change initiatives, and transforming organizational culture. 

Strategic thinking, planning, and execution are the core compentencies of any excutive. However, leaders at all levels can learn simple techniques and processes to engage their teams in creating strategic plans that provide clarity, consistency, and purpose. Transformational leaders know how to create high performing teams that are inspired by their work and shared purpose, excited to implement change, and see reward through participation.

Day three will focus on strategic planning framework and how it can be used to make strategic planning engagements more productive and dynamic.

Participants will learn how to:

Prepare and design a strategic planning process

Encourage all team member’s participation

Develop specific and achievable goals

Developing performance measures that make sense

Create a culture of empowerment and accountability

2020 DATES


TBD Summer/Fall 2020


  In the meantime, we can customize this program and others for your team, as well as bring the learning to your location!








The HueLife Transformational Leadership course costs $1,250 per person.




Discounts are available for organizations sending 5 or more people.




To learn more, contact us at 651.204.0441 or




Early 🐤 Discount: $75 OFF when you register 21 days in advance!


“These methods have taken us to the next level. We make better, faster and more inclusive decisions. Even our most experienced people find high value in these courses. These techniques have added meaningful innovation in an easy-to-follow approach.”

Genevieve Daniels, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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