Make meetings more effective by recognizing the combined power of visual and verbal information to enhance participants’ understanding and retention of their work. Gain comfort and fluency developing a visual vocabulary. Learn how to use and create templates that help groups step through a process with ease.

Session A: Creating Visuals for Groups 
Learn how to maximize meetings with prepared visual aids. Increase participation and engagement with visual agendas, prompts and cues.

Session B: Visual Note-taking and Mapping
Learn how to listen and process information visually. Sketch notes to help yourself and meeting participants make meaning out of their time together.

Session C: Kick-start Your Drawing Practice
Learn to draw ideas, fonts, figures and faces. Establish a sketchbook practice and learn tips and tricks for better drawings.

Session D: Visual Presentations and Templates
Develop materials to ditch PowerPoint and create impactful visual presentations. Learn how to create note-taking harvest sheets that make meeting documentation a breeze.

*Sessions can be taken independently of each other and any particular order.



2020 Dates 


New 2020 Dates coming soon!



1/2 Day Course: $250




 Wework – Uptown


    1330 Lagoon Ave, Minneapolis MN





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