90% of adults learn best when visuals are part of their learning experience!

In this 1-day graphics application lab, you will learn how to tap into the power of imagery and use graphics to enhance leadership, communications, facilitation, training and coaching.

You do not have to have any previous drawing, painting or creative experience for this course. Regardless of your perceived artistic skills, you will strengthen your competency in combining words and visuals to communicate more clearly, deeply and dramatically.

You will learn:

 How to use simple techniques to create icons, shapes and other visuals.

Learn graphic recording methods and deepen your skills. 

Use drawings to create meaningful metaphors.

 Find the most suitable materials for your work.

Build your own library of images and icons.


How does this benefit your work? You will be able to:

 Generate more ideas by working visually and interactively.

 Develop designs for products, processes, programs and events.

 Increase confidence and comprehension in leading your groups.


Course Testimonial

“I loved learning about the connectivity of words with images, finding creative ways to communicate your thoughts, ideas, points illustratively”.

– Jodi Beckstrom

Course Testimonial

“This course made both sides of my brain work! Words to images are important – use of colors / shapes / highlights – pastels.”

Tammy Berndt

Course Testimonial

“Very enthusiastic engagement of your inner creativity and let your genuine self-flow!”

Paula Haywood

Course Testimonial

“Very visual, easy yet informative and challenging activities that are fun.”

Lisa Yang


2019 DATES


 No Courses Offered in 2019



All courses go from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Registration begins at 8:00 am.





 Corporate Level: $600

 Large Non-Profit Level – budget more

    than five million: $600

 Public and Government Level: $500

  Mid-Sized Non-Profit Level – budget

    between 1-5 million: $450

 Self-Employed or Independent: $450

  Small Non-Profit Level – budget less

     than one million: $325

  Student Level: $325




Register 21 days or earlier before the 

training and automatically receive

$25 off the price listed above.


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