HUE Experience for School Leaders and Administrators

Optimize stakeholder engagement and collaboratively address challenges and priorities in your school district and move to action for student success! 

Whether it be for COVID-19 response planning or promoting racial equity, HueLife partners with school leaders and administrators to develop collaborative experiences, applying three innovative models of engagement: Listening Sessions, Task Forces, and Solutions Workshops. Our solutions are offered virtually or face to face following CDC best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Through the HUE Experience, students, staff, and families will feel heard, understood, acknowledged, and empowered. The result – powerful solutions to move school districts forward.

Our Solutions

Listening Sessions

A focused conversation approach for parent, staff and student engagement. Listening Sessions are two hours each and accomplish more than any survey could ever do – they build community, strengthen bonds, and improve relationships among administration, staff, schools, and families.

Task Forces

Engage various stakeholders in a four-meeting Task Force process to address school and/or district challenges and priorities. The Task Force will apply a human-centered design approach to deeply understand and reflect on the current reality, define and sharpen key questions, brainstorm and create solutions, and build prototypes of one or more ideas.

Solutions Workshops

Address implementation roadblocks and help develop plans for the future. Through a collaborative and dynamic planning process, participants answer key questions and engage in creative problem solving. Solutions Workshops then identify key actions and responsibilities, establishing a sense of shared ownership for making the necessary changes to set staff and students up for success.


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