Executive Coaching and Recruitment


Our coaches are highly experienced, successful and empathetic professionals sharing knowledge and expertise to help others strengthen performance, including providing tools, knowledge, and opportunities to develop. 

The coach works closely with the participant to assist in the continued development of his or her leadership, team building, communication, relationship and management skills. The process steps include:

1. Identify goals and expectations for both the participant and the organization. 

2. Assess participant’s leadership practices, behavioral tendencies, team-building skills, relationship and management competencies

3. Create individualized skills development plan

4. One-on-one coaching sessions to assist the participant in obtaining the desired results

5. Final assessment 

Executive Recruitment

HueLife begins the leadership search process with an organizational needs assessment to ensure recruiting candidates with the most potential to succeed. We reinforce the process by facilitating the leadership transition. 

Our 10-Step Approach

In the world of executive search, a thoughtful and logical approach should produce satisfying results for both the employer and the new employee. Recognizing the effects of a well-planned search process on the desired outcome, HueLife has sharpened a process to achieve optimal results in delivering the finest candidates for the job — as well as a highly desirable job for the candidate.

1) Organization Assessment 

We begin by learning about the clients’ needs, organization culture, and position challenges and responsibilities. In the assessment process, we meet with the hiring authority, appropriate staff, and other interested parties to discuss the role and responsibilities of the position to be filled. We may often speak with 25-40 people to gather this information, including community members and business or civic groups who interact with the position in some way.

We often do focus groups or facilitate workshops with various groups to determine key priorities for the position, redesign a job description, and identify characteristics and desired background of the individual who may be a good “fit” for the organization and the community. We pay considerable attention to the “way things are done” in the organization or the department, so the fit can be described in the Position Profile, which is shared as a feedback to the organization and the community.

A Position Profile is developed to illustrate the organization and describe the basic responsibilities and duties of the position, reporting relationships, education requirements, and experience necessary for satisfactory performance.

The Position Profile, once approved by the hiring authority, becomes a consensus document against which we evaluate and screen the candidates. It serves as a recruiting tool to interest candidates in the position. Profiles appear on our website’s homepage at www.hue.life and include a direct link to the client’s website.

2) Location and Recruitment of Candidates

We conduct a comprehensive program to identify and recruit candidates from comparable organizations that have appropriate backgrounds and areas of knowledge. The position is marketed in professional journals, newsletters, and on the Internet.

We recruit candidates using our substantial contact lists, assembled from 20 years of previous searches and updated for each assignment. We then direct email Profiles to 200-300 potential candidates. We may also directly recruit candidates by telephone.

3) Evaluation and Comparison

After the recruiting process is completed, we schedule interviews with the most promising and fitting individuals. During this phase, we assess the individual’s qualifications, accomplishments, and suitability for the position. Our in-depth evaluation will cover issues such as work experience, education, professional development and achievements, career objectives and philosophies, and interest in your specific position.

We narrow the initial list of potential candidates to 15-20, and then meet with 80-90% of the candidates for a one-on-one conversation; the remaining finalists are interviewed by telephone.

4) Progress Report

Following the screening, we provide the client with a Progress Report highlighting the 8-12 most qualified candidates. This report includes education and work history, accomplishments and growth potential, and a summary of strengths and possible limitations (discovered during the one on one interview and personality assessment instruments). We meet with the client to review these candidates in detail, provide additional information related to their previous work experience, and answer any questions.

On the basis of this review, the client will select the final five to six candidates they would like to interview. We facilitate the client selection process so all the candidates presented are considered in the way that includes both the hard data and the intuitive senses of the applicants. This discussion allows for anther “gut” check and confirmation of the values and assumptions described in the Position Profile.

At this meeting, we also discuss compensation issues and ask the client to set guidelines on salary and other benefits. We establish a schedule for interviews and determine interview events. At this time, we will address media requests and the timing for release of appropriate information.

5) 360 References and Credential Checks

Prior to the final interviews, we will conduct reference checks. It is our practice to speak directly with individuals who are, or have been, in positions to evaluate the candidates’ job performance from various levels in the organization (360). We concentrate on work-related references provided by the candidate and in select cases, we may also make “informal” inquiries with our contacts within the related industry. We build our references summary report based on the comments provided, emphasizing the common and contradictory feedback of the candidate’s performance. Additionally, we verify the credentials of finalist candidates by checking education, criminal, and credit data.

6) Assessment

Finalist candidates may be further evaluated through a self-assessment tool called Insights Discovery  This program provides an in-depth assessment of personality, management style, communication style, and strengths of each candidate and gives an insight into working effectively with each candidate. The results of the Insights assessment have been favorably compared to reports generated from a one-day psychological evaluation.

Finalists will be sharing the results of the assessment with the client, accompanied by their own personal reflection on the results. This assessment is not used to disqualify candidates but rather is designed so that each (the organization and the candidate) can learn about the similarities and differences and explore the possible working relationships and cultural fit together.

7) Interviews and Selection

Our preferred interview process consists of four parts and is designed to provide maximum information to the client and the candidates. The process includes: meeting with the staff, a tour of the community, and meeting with the other partnering agencies like school representatives and realtors; an informal reception with the hiring authority; individual one-on-one interviews with the hiring authority, and formal interviews with the hiring authority. A representative of huelife will be present at the interviews.

8) Negotiations

One of our most essential services is our participation in employment negotiations to secure the desired candidate. We are highly successful in accomplishing an employment agreement that is satisfactory to both the client and the candidate – often an emotionally difficult task without the help of a third party.

9) Performance Evaluation

At your request, we will assist in conducting a performance evaluation after six months of employment that will result in a Work Program for the selected candidate to complete over a 6-12 month timeframe.

10) The huelife Guarantee

We offer an 18-month guarantee to clients who use our complete process. Should the client determine it necessary to terminate the candidate due to failure to adequately perform the duties as specified in the Position Profile, we will refill the position for expenses only.