EXECUTIVE / PERSONAL COACHING – Empathetic or Emphatic

The coaching process is defined as an experienced, highly regarded, and empathetic person sharing knowledge and experience with another person to help them become more effective. This process involves equipping people with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to develop themselves to become more effective in the workplace. 

huelife coaching services are conducted by highly experienced and knowledgeable associates who have demonstrated competence in leadership in their own careers. The coach works closely with the participant to assist in the continued development of his or her leadership, team building, communication, relationship and management skills. The overall goal of the program is improved effectiveness in the workplace setting.

The process of executive and personal coaching is carried out in several steps – with a team of organizational development professionals there to assist clients from start to finish.  The process steps include:

  1. Identification of the goals and expectations for the program from the perspective of both the participant and his or her management
  2. Assessment of the participants:
    1. Leadership practices
    2. Behavioral tendencies
    3. Team building skills
    4. Relationship and management skills
  3. Creation of an individualized skills development plan by both the coach and individual
  4. Followed by one-on-one coaching sessions to provide feedback and assist the participant in implementing the plan and obtaining the desired results
  5. Final assessment of progress which completes the process