When planning programs or projects, taking a look at the situation’s current environment is vital for success. Getting muddled up in biased approaches that are not reflective of the current environment is harmful to the growth of any initiative. ToP® Approaches to Environmental Scanning will teach participants how to scan and use information gathered by assessing: Who is in the room, what is the historical context and importance of this project/program, what direction is the organization heading in, what important factors are involved in the success of this project/plan, what are approaching trends and what are the current or foreseeable dilemmas for this project/plan? This engaging participatory process will leave participants with tools to fast track implementation immediately in their organizations.

In this one day course, participants will walk away learning 10 different ways to conduct group assessments, and then engage in hands-on practice and matching the right approach for various situations.

• Course objectives include learning to:

• Gather pertinent information for critical planning decisions

• Lead an engaging, participatory – and fun process

• Maximize group commitment and involvement

• Pool group knowledge and points of view

• Integrate diverse ideas effectively

• Take the drudgery out of research


2021 Course Dates

 Oct 4 – St. Louis Park, MN




All courses run from 8:30-5:00 pm

Registration starts at 8:00 am


This course is for people who want to:

 Increase productivity, and save time and money

 Improve team effectiveness

 Build stronger partnerships

 Document organizational history

 Anticipate future business trends

 Quickly study industry materials and reports

 Establish a foundation of knowledge to use in preparing a plan


We use a sliding scale to improve access for underserved communities. Per-person prices for Approaches to Environmental Scanning are: 


 Corporate Level: $600

 Public and Government Level: $500

 Large Non-Profit Level (budget 5M+): $600

 Mid-Sized Non-Profit Level (budget 1-5M): $450

 Small Non-Profit Level (budget under 1M): $325

 Self-Employed or Independent: $450

 Student Level: $325

Early Bird Discount: $25 OFF
Register 21 days before this class starts and you will automatically get $25 off.


“These methods have taken us to the next level. We make better, faster and more inclusive decisions. Even our most experienced people find high value in these courses. These techniques have added meaningful innovation in an easy-to-follow approach.”

Genevieve Daniels, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

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