Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We stand alongside our colleagues, friends, and community to end oppression and racial inequity. We can and will do better.

We are actively engaging in DE&I work internally and with our business partners by having conversations about race, equity inclusion & dignity, and by sharing resources to increase our own and other’s awareness. By developing and expanding partnerships to facilitate, train and grow DE&I work we will generate a greater impact in our goal to dismantle systemic injustice, inequity, and oppression.  

We do this crucial work because our mission is to “educate, facilitate, and inspire engagement in meaningful action for the greater good of communities and organizations.” For HueLife, DE&I work is not a cohort or course. We are learning and championing this work every time we show up and actively seek different ways to: 

Be inclusive and equitable 

Engage our community 

Share power 

Check our biases  

Be different  


In the last year we have seen many organizations hire an individual to serve as an “equity leader” or “equity coordinator” with the specific purpose of leading the DE&I work; however, we know that simply hiring an equity coordinator is only one step in the bigger process. DE&I work is not a check box on a form or a separate assignment for one individual.  Everyone has the capacity and responsibility to become an equity coordinator within their own role. So, the question then becomes – How can we create a cohort of equity leaders or coordinators who can collectively implement the required systemic changes that are necessary for success? Furthermore, how can these individuals be empowered to create DE&I specific change and perhaps to lead priority teams?  

To help address these questions and more, it is essential that we engage our entire community to obtain a full understanding of all the changes that will be required to diversify, change policy, and collectively move systems change work forward through an equity lens. Whether it be a task force responsible for identifying concrete needs or facilitating cross-sector collaborations that keep equity at the center, HueLife is committed to this work. 



Madison Area Technical College




Shawn Sorrell

Diversity and Equal Justice Manager, Hennepin County Minnesota Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation


Kim Brown

CEO, Turnkey


Carlton Hall

CEO, Carlton Hall Consulting LLC


Melvin Giles

Urban Farm & Garden Alliance 


MN Alliance for PEACE


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