Learn to facilitate conversations in an inclusive, structured framework that allows all voices in the room to be heard! Attendees learn to, create a participatory environment that fosters meaningful conversations. This training is useful for those who want to make meetings more productive, conversations more dynamic – leaving with true understanding and find new processes for group collaboration. This one day course provides learning and hands-on experience with practicing the learned tools and methods.

Conversations That Matter guides groups through a meaningful exchange of ideas. Use this method and tool to:

   • Stimulate candid feedback that’s useful for group success

   • Conduct purposeful discussions that lead to action or understanding

   • Surface new ideas and solutions to better analyze problems

   • Easily capture a group’s best thinking with participatory practices

   • Engage with large diverse groups

   • Stimulate the groups best thinking

   • Surface issues while minimizing conflict

   • Uncover controversies, shared concerns, challenges, and goals

   • Leave the group feeling as though there is closure and next steps

This method can be used in small or large group reflection, meetings that need direction, and when new ideas want to turn into action.


2020 DATES

Apr. 22: St. Paul, MN

June 9: Bloomington, MN

Aug. 18: Bloomington, MN

Sept. 21: Bloomington, MN




Course: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Registration begins at 8:30 am




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