Coalition leadership is challenging when volunteers lose interest or become less engaged. Passionate leaders need skills to authentically engage with community members in a meaningful way. HueLife offers courses that are grounded in participatory engagement to help leaders bridge that gap. The courses provide tools to engage in conversations that drive people to action, build consensus where all voices are heard, and develop practical, effective plans. View courses offered below:

• Facilitative leadership: Essentials for engagement, collaboration and motivation

• Getting to yes: Effective group decision making

• Ready, set, go! Effective group action planning

• Capitalize on your capacity: Coalition capacity building

• Keep the funds coming: Sustaining your coalition

• Effective meetings: Maintaining engagement on and off-line



Half-Day Courses:

• 10 participants – $2,000 

• Additional 5 participants – $1,000

• Additional participant – $200

Full Day Courses

• 10 Participants – $2,500

• Additional 5 participants – $1,000

• Additional participant –  $250

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