What is the Community of Practice?

The Community of Practice (CoP) is a free monthly event that HueLife hosts on the first Monday of each Month. The CoP event provides a public platform for facilitators to share their work. These events are participatory and open to anyone – not just facilitators. If you are interested in hearing personal inquiries, case studies, networking with other professionals using facilitation methods in their field of work, or just want to learn more about facilitation, attend our next CoP event!

Interested in Submitting a personal CoP inquiry to present at future events?

Share your knowledge and help others on their ToP Journey! We ask any participants who have taken a ToP course, to share how they have applied the methods in their work! Case studies or personal inquiries that would add value to the community of facilitators and ToP methods users.



Implementing Culture Change

Case Study Presentation: Implementing Culture Change This community of practice will focus on best practices in developing and implementing culture change strategies. Many HueLife clients come to us with a simple request, we need to change our culture! Where do you...

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Using the Consensus Workshop Method in a Political Environment

On September 10th, 2018, Dr. Richard Fursman, Co-Founder of HueLife, presented a case study at the ToP community of practice event, on “Using the consensus workshop method in a political environment”. This case study is based on a city that will remain anonymous Issue...

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