The region’s only independent health care system dedicated to the health and wellbeing of children, The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, is working to advance their vision every day — all kids of Wisconsin will be the healthiest in the nation.  Besides their focus on delivering quality health care service, they are also committed to the overall environment and conditions of their facility, resources, workforce conditions, and their patients’ overall experience. The hospital had experienced considerable growth and change recently, and with nearly 2000 employees and 40 locations throughout the state, it prompted Human Resource leaders to hold a two-day thinking and planning session for the upcoming year. 

Problem Addressed

The health system was one year into implementing a refreshed strategy. At the same time, the annual budget process was taking place. HR leaders needed to determine priorities for the next two to three years. Top on their list are ensuring their ability to recruit, retaining existing employees, and making sure that they have access to resources that will bring personal and career development. This will not just create a productive and competitive workforce but also a diverse and inspired workforce  to continue delivering excellent care and services. 

Solutions Used

Hue Life Facilitators relied on a variety of techniques to help craft and then steer people toward a common set of goals. 

  • Team Building and Development: To reconnect and unify, the group engaged in a strategic thinking warm-up activity. Using this method, they could better appreciate each other’s working style, gain a sense of cohesion and trust, and accept differing viewpoints. 
  • Strategic Planning: To reveal the desired future, team members shared business updates and their thoughts about how the organization was changing to address opportunities and challenges in the communities they served. 
  • Engagement and Culture Change: To understand and align employee change management methods, HR leaders participated in an activity designed to explore patterns, identify expected tough questions and blockages, and understand how the changes would impact employees.

Client outcomes were positive, adding significant value to the work of the organization. A long-term vision was established, with clear strategic directions that helped set the framework for the annual goal planning cycle. Specific actions and collaboration points were identified. This resulted in a clear focus for the year ahead, which HR leaders were able to communicate to their teams. Team members said that they are more prepared than ever to achieve success in the year ahead. 

Lessons Learned

Creating a goal-driven and inspired team behind every company is beneficial to people, to clients, and to business. It creates a care and desire in them to work well and provide exceptional services. Through effective planning and budgeting, it gives an opportunity to assess and evaluate the business and pinpoint the priorities to be targeted for development.   


Irina is a masterful facilitator. She brought out our individualized strengths to collectively create a plan of shared commitment. This has resulted in a more efficient approach, one where we are already delivering on the plan. Our team members feel empowered to contribute their talents on what matters most.” 

– -Genevieve Daniels, Director of Organizational Development 

Who should consider this training?

Organizations and teams who want to more clearly communicate what excellence looks like – to achieve objectives, to work as a team, to build alignment or to plan – will benefit from customized facilitation and consulting. 

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