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Returning to school after an exciting summer break is a big step for every child. Each child is developing socially and emotionally at different rates in addition to establishing identity and personal preferences. Some children are excited to go back to school, others dread the day summer ends, and some experience an array of emotions somewhere in between. 


The conversation guide we have prepared for you can be used as parents, guardians, and youth mentors to create safe space for kids to reflect with a trusted adult or in a small group with other students. Ultimately, the goal is to help children navigate the complex emotions and transition back to school with practical solutions to address their personal needs, overcome fears, or share their joy. Encourage your child to talk or reflect with you. Be sure to listen, validate their experience, and use our conversation method to ask questions without imposing your expectations and judgement on them. Expression is a beautiful gift to help kids feel better and get back to school with confidence.

Please pay-it-forward and share our resources across your network with other parents and youth mentors who lead important conversations.

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