5 Keys to Hybrid Facilitation 5 colleagues pointing at sticky notes on a board

The world pivoted to function virtually over the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, a refreshing new way to provide meaningful service; for others, a complicated obstacle to contribute effectively to their organization. Many companies and community groups will continue to function virtually or in hybrid methods after realizing the ability to gather larger groups of people with greater efficiency and impact when facilitated appropriately. Global Workforce Survey predicts that the future of work is hybrid.


These facilitation tips provided for you here were created during a ToP Facilitation course to help you design hybrid experiences and ensure productivity, seamlessness, and engagement. Participants collectively decided on six key actions to share with you regarding hybrid meetings. Take these ideas with you as you prepare for your next facilitation session to improve skills around time management, adaptability, expectations, technology, engagement, and group dynamics. 


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