Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is a focused process designed to produce the primary decisions and action that will shape and guide what an organization is, what it will do, and why it will do it.

The goal during strategic planning is to facilitate communication, participation, and accommodate divergent interests and values.  In this open and energized setting, wise and analytical decision making is fostered with strategies for successful implementation and accountability. Foremost is the idea that the strategic plan should include specific strategies that can be employed to move the community closer to its goals.

Strategic planning is a process that organizations use to develop long-term goals and objectives for the period of five years or more.  The aim of developing a strategic plan is to give an organization direction, provide a plan to move in that direction and criteria to measure the plan’s progress. It is essential for organizations to develop a strategic plan in order for them to grow and prosper in today’s world.

Due to the differences between each organization, huelife professionals use a wide range of approaches and models.  Each organization has its own set of goals, values, objectives and issues, all combining to create a unique situation for that particular organization. The huelife team works closely with each organization to develop a strategic planning process that is custom fit to meet specific needs.  A simplified process may follow this basic outline:

  1. Identify the organizations mission or overall purpose
  2. Analyze the organizations current health/situation
  3. Establish clear, specific, timely and measurable goals to accomplish the mission
  4. Develop strategies and objectives to meet the defined goals
  5. Develop and implement action plans to carry out each strategy
  6. Monitor and modify the plan