Your most valuable resource is our specialty: people. HueLife is a human capital consulting firm built on trusted methods, expertise and experience. We help people, teams and organizations reach their maximum potential. Let us help you engage, innovate, change and grow with these proven services:


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Finding the best CEO to guide your community or organization is the most important undertaking you will take as a Board. We go beyond the act of recruiting to the art and science of leadership placement. The Executive Search process is an opportunity to review the health and mission of your organization and move toward the future.

Our search process does not stop at the signing of a contract; in fact, it is only the first step.

Our extensive first-of-a-kind research into the process of “onboarding” will help guide your organization and new hires through the complex, unsettling and costly process of adjustment.


The most critical factors in organizational performance are associated with leadership and management. Research has revealed that only 10 percent of what is taught in a class setting is retained by the participants, versus nearly two-thirds of what is learned by doing. Our training and development programs place leaders and managers into the act of leading and managing.We emphasize the need for contextual learning, because a great leader or leadership approach in one situation may not perform well in another. Our research shows that leadership development has the best results when it is coordinated with strategy, organization culture and goals.


Whether you are looking to evolve your organization’s culture –or re-structure, re-engineer  or re-trench, the process starts with an organization assessment. We work closely with the client to evaluate and assess the current environment and then finding ways to perhaps do things better.

Assessments may lead to minor interventions such as coaching for behavior changes to major shifts in organization alignment including reorganization. Each intervention or change can be disruptive to the organization even when it is positive.  We work with you and your staff with our proven methods to help ease the organization and individuals through each stage of transition.


Our Engagement & Facilitation practice is dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people in your organization to help you accomplish successful change and enhance performance. HUEQuest process involves continuous diagnosis, action planning, consensus building, implementation and evaluation, with the goal of transferring knowledge and skills throughout your organization to improve capacity for solving problems and managing future change.